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Why Choose Namibia if you want to do a Photographic Tour?

For photographers, Namibia is the ultimate travel location. The country’s remarkable desert sceneries of sand dunes, its rugged mountains, a dramatic canyon, and startling Skeleton Coast, and the unpolluted night skies, along with the striking wildlife and unusual flora (quiver trees are a specific highlight), make it could not be more photogenic. Quiver trees are...
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Swakopmund Namibia

Is Namibia Worth Visiting? Best places to visit in Namibia

The nation of Namibia, which can be found in southern Africa, is well-known for the expansiveness of its landscapes, the variety of its fauna, and the singularity of its culture. Namibia is home to a multitude of natural beauties and interesting experiences, despite the fact that it has one of the world’s lowest population densities...
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Helicopter flight over Victoria Falls

Table of Contents Toggle Victoria FallsOther side of the fallFlights on helicopters above the Victoria FallsDetailsOur experienceConclusionFAQs Victoria Falls On the Zambezi River, which serves as the boundary between Zambia and Zimbabwe, is where you’ll find the magnificent and awe-inspiring Victoria Falls. This natural wonder is a sight to see. The Kololo people who lived...
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A Guide To Namibia Tours & Safaris – Perfect Introduction To Namibia Trip!

One cannot resist the lure of Africa. There is always something new one can expect from Africa and its holiday perfect destinations. Namibia is a unique and fascinating country. Attractions in Namibia range from prime wildlife safaris to fascinating desert landscapes, diverse culture and a whole lot of unpopulated places and wide open spaces in...
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Travel diaries – Elephant gaze at Nata in Botswana

Table of Contents Toggle Elephants Sands in NataFacilitiesThe Namibian elephant populationPopulationsElephant gaze at NataConclusionFAQs Elephants Sands in Nata In the northeastern corner of Botswana is where you’ll find the Elephant Sands bush lodge and campground. Come and spend some time with us gazing at the elephants that frequent the natural waterhole that is located just...
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Looking across the fascinating landscape of the Skeleton Coast of Namibia, you will notice the unusual desert lions, which are an attraction to tourists all over the world. It’s likely that you have heard a lot about the King of the Jungle-the lion, but you will really be amazed at the sight of the great desert...
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Sandwich Harbor- The Sea Meets the Desert

Namibia is home to many of the biggest sand dunes in the world. The country, which coincidentally is the second-least densely populated country in the world, is also home to the oldest cultures and the darkest skies- to name but a few. Sandwich Harbour is a part of the Namib Naukluft Park that many have...
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Famous bird species in Etosha National Park

The summers at Etosha National Park provide excellent conditions for birdwatching. The dry conditions are beneficial for seeing wildlife, but the summer rains transform portions of the large pans into seasonal lakes that draw in animals that migrate or live in wetland areas. There are around 130 migratory bird species among Etosha’s 340 resident bird...
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Namibia Travel Guide 2022 – What’s It Like to Safari in Namibia?

Namibia is a southwest African country.  It is vast and with diverse features promises to offer a completely unique traveling experience. Namibia shares its border with Angola to the north, Zambia to the northeast, Botswana to the east, South Africa to the south east and south, and the whole of west is bounded by Atlantic...
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Game Drives in Namibia

The Namib Desert, the Skeleton Coast, & a number of other national parks can be found in Namibia, which is a country that is found in the southern part of Africa and is famous for its various and distinctive landscapes. It is vital to know the ideal time for game-watching in order to optimize your...
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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Namibia

Famous celebrities that visited Namibia – Namibia attracts world celebrities

The country of Namibia is one of untamed beauty, with beautiful vistas and an incredible variety of species. It has developed into a well-liked vacation spot, attracting visitors from all over the globe, including plenty of well-known celebrities. This article will take a look at 15 famous people that have been to Namibia, as well...
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Statue of David Livingstone & Victoria Falls

On the Zimbabwe border of Victoria Falls, the statue of David Livingstone faces the Devil’s Cataract on the western bank of the falls. This location is on the Zimbabwean side of the falls. An inscription on the statue explains that David Livingstone paid a visit to the waterfalls in the year 1851, at which time...
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