A Guide To Namibia Tours & Safaris – Perfect Introduction To Namibia Trip!

A Guide To Namibia Tours & Safaris – Perfect Introduction To Namibia Trip!, Safari World Tours

One cannot resist the lure of Africa. There is always something new one can expect from Africa and its holiday perfect destinations.

Namibia is a unique and fascinating country. Attractions in Namibia range from prime wildlife safaris to fascinating desert landscapes, diverse culture and a whole lot of unpopulated places and wide open spaces in between. Safaris in Namibia are totally unmatchable and exclusive.

Namibia Safari Tours – How Do You Plan One In Order To Have An Enjoyable Trip?

Namibia offers different kinds of Safari experience that varies from Fly-ins, to self-drive to privately guided ones. Best time to visit Namibia is from July to October. It is the time most appropriate for wildlife viewing. Therefore, planning well in advance makes your trip all the way more convenient.

Fly-In Safaris

A Guide To Namibia Tours & Safaris – Perfect Introduction To Namibia Trip!, Safari World Tours

Namibia is vast in area with the famous destinations located far off from each other. Flying between destinations saves time and provide enchanting views from the top. Fly in safaris take you through dramatic wildlife to rugged landscapes through the magical red sand dessert and sand dunes.

One can start from the beautiful game park Etosha, viewing the wildlife gathering near the waterholes. Rarest black Rhino and dessert adapted Elephants can be traced in Damaraland whereas large sand dunes at Sossuslevi are captivating.

Major Attractions Of Fly-In Safaris:

  • Diverse Landscapes within lesser time span.
  • Unique game viewing experience.
  • Exclusive and Intimate accommodations.
  • Extra ordinary service.
  • Mouth-watering cuisine.
  • Never ending thrill and excitement.

Self-Drive Safaris

A Guide To Namibia Tours & Safaris – Perfect Introduction To Namibia Trip!, Safari World Tours

Drive through the magnificent dessert, explore the scenic beauty along the coast, push through the captivating mountain valleys and on top of it unmatched game viewing and adventure activity like dessert walk, skydiving, quad biking and a lot more. What better can you expect out of a safari?

Major Attractions Of Self-Drive Safaris:

  • Awesome scenic experience.
  • Excellent game viewing.
  • Unlimited pleasure.
  • Camping nights
  • Great food, accommodation and hospitality throughout.

Privately Guided Safaris

A Guide To Namibia Tours & Safaris – Perfect Introduction To Namibia Trip!, Safari World Tours

The Privately Guided Safaris are facilitated by experienced and professional Namibia travel guides to ensure fascinating discoveries throughout your journey covering the length and breadth of Namibia. Start from the capital city and get your route planned well in advance in consultation with your safari guide in order to avoid inconvenience.

With the help of your guide, you can even look into the lives of Damara people and learn about the local culture and tradition. Sought after location that is The Etosha National park where you are bound to have a wonderful time watching big games and variety of bird species is something that one must not miss.

Major Attractions Of Privately Guided Safaris:

  • Incredible journey to witness the vast wilderness of the country.
  • Best safari guides for better experience and convenience.
  • Exquisite accommodation for better rest and recoup.
  • Fine dining facilities
  • Captivating wildlife encounters.

Accommodations & Meals During Namibian Safari:

A Guide To Namibia Tours & Safaris – Perfect Introduction To Namibia Trip!, Safari World Tours

Hotels, Lodges Or Guest Houses:

While driving across the Namibian dessert, it is always better to pre-book your accommodations. Hotels, lodges or guest houses are sparsely scattered in the urban areas and very few can actually be located on your way towards tourist destinations. In these accommodations you find meal facilities inclusive in your package.

Luxury Lodges And Tented Camps:

Namibia is known for extra-ordinary accommodations and word class hospitality. The luxury lodges and tented camps amidst the wild between the dessert can be the major highlight of your safari in Namibia. The joy and thrill of spending nights hearing to the roar of lions and sleeping under the sky gazing at the stars is unmatchable. Delicious international cuisines are served that can take away the tiredness of the day long travel.

Budget Hotels, Camping And Community-Run Camps:

Budget hotels are confined mostly in the major cities like Windhoek, Swakopmund and Luderitz. So, the only options left to accommodate yourself while on a move is camping. Where you will find all the basic necessities under budget.

Community-run camps are an excellent way to discover more about the people and culture of Namibia.

Safaris In Namibia are well guided and offer exuberant luxury and relaxation. In the process of exploring the vast wilderness and magnificent scenic beauty, you end of discovering yourself. So, without delaying much engage yourself in gifting yourself the holiday of a lifetime with the very experienced and professional team of Safari World Tours. For further details, you may please connect!

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