Top 7 Namibia Tourist Attractions That Will Give A Real Trademarks Of African Safari

Namibia has some beautiful, unique and extraordinary scenery. Namibia Tourist Attractions abound and activities are limitless. But it’s the whole journey that is the most extraordinary attraction of them all. Just driving through the country will be an experience quite unlike any you’ve had before.

Namibia Destinations provide that first peek into the wild kingdom to glimpse the natural beauty and unadulterated land which makes Africa a safari paradise. Mostly Namibia is easily accessible and communicable for people worldwide. What else make Namibia Africa’s ideal safari destination? Let’s sneak a peek then.

Being recommended Namibia Safari beginner’s choice and adding Namibia Tourist Attractions in the mix is a lethal combination that no safari dreamer or safari lover can resist. Being the driest country in Africa with 2 of the desert, the place is perfect safari destination all year round. Not to mention the spectacular landscapes and variety of birds and animals in open make many spectacularly picturesque moments. Planning trip to Namibia is easy and the food and drinks are more hygienic than other African countries. The safe and dry environment is one more factors for being African safari starters. Let’s list these incredible attractions of Namibia that factors more than being easily accessible, communicable, hygienic and low cost.

Namibia is the best safari destinations in Africa. The top 7 Namibia Tourist Attractions have been rocking African safari world are:

Namib Desert:

The Sossusvlei dunes of Namib Desert are the world’s largest dunes where sun peek around the dunes giving phenomenal sunrises and sunsets to view.

Kalahari Desert:

The semi desert is the best place for wildlife. The game drives are much more open and desert adaptable predators and preys provides snapshots moments.

Fish River Canyon:

The largest canyon of Africa is the most visited attraction that calls for hiking and trekking.

Skeleton Coast:

The beach is oasis and stargazer marvel. The home of desert animals and himba tribe also homes marine life.

Etosha National Park:

Lions, leopards, wildebeest, oryx, elephants, eagles, flamingos, cranes, and ostrich and so on make Etosha National Park a treasure house of wildlife and birds.


Apart from its natural beauty and mining histories etc. marine wild museum and adventure sport hub makes it popular.


Countless reasons, but mostly the desert adapted elephants, lions and rhinos apart from its desert views and rock paintings and carvings. These are not the end all of Namibia’s wonder that makes it popular. Being the cheetah capital, Namibia is been sought for its natural wonders more. Safari World Tours makes priority to design tours and safaris in order to include these top natural wonders of Namibia but also adds as many as can be based on tourist preferences. With expert team on disposal, the only thing to do is experience the beauty of the wild to start your safari adventures with a bang. Plan your trip to Namibia now. However, for further details on Namibia Tourist Attractions and packages call or email us.

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