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Safari World Tours is a Dynamic Travel and Destination promoting Company. Mainly focusing on Southern and western African countries. Our Safari Tours are well managed and structured for any type of traveller.


On our African Safari Tours you’ll see a mix of famous sights and hidden gems that others miss, or don’t even know about. As travellers, we want to experience a country, not merely observe it. We’ll take you closer to the country, its culture and people, often in unscripted, spontaneous, impossible-to-replicate ways. You’ll come home having seen and experienced the country in a way that other travellers might never have.


Meet Mr. Clarence, a visionary with big dreams. With years of experience managing businesses, he found his true passion in travel. Devoted to making travel affordable for clients visiting Namibia, Mr. Clarence ensures that each tour is crafted to provide exceptional value and unique experiences. With specialized tour packages and creative itineraries, he goes all-out to exceed client expectations and offers unforgettable adventures that set Namibia Safari Tours apart from the rest.

Clarence Goagoseb (12 Years Experience)Managing Director

Finance Manager: Isabella Goagoses (8 Years Experience)

Isabella is our financial guru, managing our books to ensure transparency and fairness for our clients. Behind her precise accounting skills lies a warm and approachable personality which is always ready to greet you with a smile and assist with any financial queries.

Tour Consultant: Emelda Naris

Emelda brings a wealth of knowledge and a keen eye for detail to her role as a tour consultant. With her advanced diploma in tourism and travel, she is in charge of creating perfect itineraries tailored to each client’s preferences. Emelda’s passion for travel shines through in her willingness to providing unmatched experiences for our guests.

Tour Guide: Rapheal August (8 Years Experience)

Rapheal, our seasoned tour guide, ensures that every journey with us is one of enrichment. With his extensive knowledge of Namibia’s flora and fauna, he provides insightful and informative tours, leaving no stone unturned in exploring the beauty of Namibia.

Senior Tour Guide: Rudolf Naibab (12 Years Experience)

Rudolf, fondly known as the “Son of Namibia,” is the backbone of our team. As our senior guide, he not only leads tours with expertise but also mentors and trains our younger guides. Rudolf’s passion for his homeland is contagious, and his dedication to showcasing its wonders ensures that every tour is an adventure to remember.

Tour Guide: Henzel Harnoster (5 Years Experience)

Henzel brings energy and enthusiasm to every tour, filling his vast knowledge with humour to keep our clients entertained. His commitment to continuous learning, especially in the fields of fauna and flora, confirms that each tour is filled with informative insights and engaging experiences.

Tour Guide: Japie Engelbrecht (15 Years Experience)

Japie’s journey from humble beginnings as a driver to an experienced tour guide demonstrates his dedication to his craft. With his extensive knowledge of Namibia and his warm-hearted demeanour, he creates family tours that leave a lasting impression on our guests.

Botswana Tour Guide: Johnson Sasaya (10 Years Experience)

Johnson, our expert guide in Botswana, is a native of the region and a master navigator of its wilderness. With his understanding of the land and its wildlife, he ensures terrific experiences for our guests in Botswana’s renowned national parks. Johnson’s genuine care for our guests make him an invaluable member of our team.

Our Commitment

At Safari World Tours, we’re committed to delivering the very best travel experiences to some of the world’s most breath-taking destinations. We’ll take the hard work out of organising your holiday, and we’ll design a personalised itinerary that’s a perfect fit for your interests, dates and budget. We can design a remarkable and truly unforgettable travel experience.


Our Difference

When you join our group of curious travellers, you will engage with Africa through the Safari World Tours lens, enjoying a memorable, immersive, and transformative experience. And, importantly, your participation benefits our work, helping to make Africa a better place by preserving and celebrating what we cherish from our common past, present, and future.


Our Experts

One feature that makes our programs uniquely special is our travel Experts. Chosen for their expertise and affability, these men are the secret ingredient that turns a fine tour into an unforgettable experience. We’re proud to introduce you to our stars. Their enthusiasm is contagious; their expert guidance consistently brings excitement and substance to the travelers.


Financial Protections

At Safari World Tours, we understand that security & safety are of top importance to you. We offer value for your travel dollar. We provide travel benefits including Travel Insurance protection, Baggage protection, Airline cancellation insurance, Buyer protection, & more. This is one of the important advantages of travelling with independent experts like us.

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