Kolmanskop Ghost Town

Kolmanskop Ghost Town Tours & Excursions:

Kolmanskop is a ghost town located in the Namib Desert in southern Namibia. It was once a thriving diamond mining town, but as the diamond deposits were depleted, the town was abandoned and left to the sands of the desert. Today, Kolmanskop is a popular tourist destination, offering visitors a glimpse into the past and a chance to explore the eerie abandoned buildings.



The story of Kolmanskop began in 1908 when a railway worker named Zacharias Lewala stumbled upon a diamond in the desert. This discovery sparked a diamond rush, and soon, German miners and entrepreneurs flocked to the area to stake their claims. The town of Kolmanskop was established in the early 1900s, and it quickly grew into a bustling community with a hospital, school, ballroom, power station, and even a casino.

Attractions of Kolmanskop Ghost Town

One of the main attractions of Kolmanskop is the chance to explore abandoned buildings. The town was built in the German colonial style, and many of the buildings are still standing, including the hospital, ballroom, school, and power station. Visitors can wander through the streets and explore the buildings, which are now filled with sand dunes. The houses have been taken over by the desert, and the furniture, decorations, and ornaments are still in place, giving a glimpse into the past lifestyle of the people who lived there.

Another popular attraction is the diamond museum, which tells the story of the town’s history and the diamond mining industry. The museum depicts exhibits on the history of diamond mining in Namibia, as well as displays of some of the diamonds that were found in the area. The museum also has a collection of photographs of the town and its people, providing a glimpse into the past and how the town looked during its heyday.

Best time to visit Kolmanskop Ghost Town

One of the best times to visit Kolmanskop is during the early morning or late noon when the light is at its best for photography. This is also the time when the temperatures are more comfortable, as the desert can get very hot during the day. The golden hour, just before sunset, is especially popular among photographers as the light casts a warm and soft glow on the abandoned buildings, creating a surreal and eerie atmosphere.

How to get there

To get to Kolmanskop, the easiest way is to fly into Luderitz, the nearest town, and then take a tour from there. There are several tour companies that offer day trips to Kolmanskop, which include transportation and a guide. These guided tours are a great option for those who want to study more about the history of the town and its people. Alternatively, it is possible to rent a car and drive to Kolmanskop, but this is not recommended for first-time visitors as the roads can be difficult to navigate, and the tour guide might give a more informative experience.


In conclusion, Kolmanskop is a unique and fascinating destination that offers guests a glimpse into the past and a chance to explore an eerie ghost town. The abandoned buildings, diamond museum, and desert landscape make for an interesting and memorable experience. Kolmanskop is definitely worth a visit for those who are interested in history, abandoned places, and desert landscapes.


  1. What was the history of Kolmanskop?

A: Kolmanskop was established in 1908 when diamonds were discovered in the area. It quickly became a prosperous town, with German settlers building elegant homes, a hospital, a casino, and other amenities. However, by the mid-1930s, the diamond deposits were depleted, and the town was abandoned.

  1. What can visitors see in Kolmanskop today?

A: Visitors can see the abandoned buildings and structures in Kolmanskop, including the hospital, casino, ballroom, and homes. Some of these buildings are partially buried by sand, giving them an eerie and unique appearance.

  1. Why is Kolmanskop famous?

A: Kolmanskop is famous as a historic ghost town that showcases the boom and bust of diamond mining in Namibia. It is also known for its unique and unusual architecture, which combines elements of German colonial and Art Nouveau styles.

  1. What is the current state of Kolmanskop?

A: Kolmanskop is now a popular tourist attraction and is maintained by the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism. Efforts are underway to preserve and restore the remaining structures.

  1. Is it possible to tour Kolmanskop?

A: Yes, Kolmanskop can be toured by visiting the Namib Desert. Guided tours are available, which provide information about the history and significance of the ghost town.


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