Mana Pools National Park

Mana Pools National Park

For every traveler, Zimbabwe has a lot in its bag. It can offer you an unforgettable tour.  There are several remarkable places that you can visit and you will surely get a full itinerary for your tour. Zimbabwe has one or more of the Seven Wonders with the Globe and boasts the Excellent Zimbabwe ruins that tell how rich their culture is. Zimbabwe is truly an interesting place to travel and getting to know the friendly citizens who make certain you feel at home in their country. Mana Pools National Park is a beautiful part of the country enriched with excellent natural beauty.

Zimbabwe is known for its excellent safari destinations, unique wildlife, national parks, game reserves, most popular waterfalls and rivers are there too. This place is second to none in beauty and adventure. This is a big wildlife conservation area and also a popular national park, located in the area of North Zimbabwe. This place is a region of Zimbabwe’s Zambezi River. The plains turn into a lake after every rainy season. This is one of the most popular game-viewing regions of Africa. This is a UNESCO heritage site and there are many activities that one can enjoy.

The stretch of Zambezi River is known for four different pools: Chine, Main, Chisambuk and long that are remnants of several river channels. These channels have stopped flowing now. This is a small pool where you will find water throughout the year. But you can enjoy here great birdlife and birdlife. This forest fringes pools and rivers, you will find also the shady canopy of the acacia trees.

Enjoying this park can be more adventurous with great numbers of buffalo, elephant, eland, hippo etc. here you will find different types of local species too like racket-tailed roller, palm-thrush, purple-banded sunbird, racket-tailed roller and black-throated wattle eyes.

Things to do

Enjoying safari tour in Mana Pools National Park is a great adventure.

During this safari trip, you can experience game viewing on different game drives, night drives and walks. You can explore this area by boat, game viewing vehicle or canoe.

You can relax or enjoy rest time at the banks of rivers. This park is also an ideal place for a small family picnic or outing.

From this place, you can go to Victoria Falls and can see the beauty of falling water.

Camping in the Mana Pools National Park is another great experience for the travelers. You can choose the best camping site to live one day in the wild.

The right time to visit

You can go there during wt months like November to March but it is best to visit the place during the dry season, from April to Mid November. You can enjoy the best game viewing experience at that time as the animals come together to drink water in Chitake Spring or Kanga Pan of the park.  But you can see the beauty of Tsetse flies throughout the year.

How to access the place

You can fly to the airstrip of Mana Pools from Kariba or can charter from other parts of the country to reach there. It is also easy to travel through Victoria Falls Airport. Flights run regularly from other parts of the country to Victoria Falls airport. Take a car and reach Mana Poos Park easily by covering a short distance.

2554Mana Pools National Park 2554Mana Pools National Park
1 Day (Half Day) Hiking Trail for 6 Hours
fixed Rate USD
2563Mana Pools National Park 2563Mana Pools National Park
1 Day (Half Day) Carnivore Feeding Tour
fixed Rate 100.00 USD
2565Mana Pools National Park 2565Mana Pools National Park
1 Day Cheetah Feeding & Wildlife Game Drive
fixed Rate 100.00 USD
2568Mana Pools National Park 2568Mana Pools National Park
1 Day (Half Day) San Tribe Cultural Tour
fixed Rate 90.00 USD
2570Mana Pools National Park 2570Mana Pools National Park
1 Day (Half Day) Okapuka Game Range Drive
fixed Rate 75.00 USD
2572Mana Pools National Park 2572Mana Pools National Park
custom Rate 260.00 USD
2574Mana Pools National Park 2574Mana Pools National Park
fixed Rate 250.00 USD
2576Mana Pools National Park 2576Mana Pools National Park
fixed Rate 260.00 USD
2578Mana Pools National Park 2578Mana Pools National Park
fixed Rate 270.00 USD
2580Mana Pools National Park 2580Mana Pools National Park
fixed Rate 320.00 USD
2582Mana Pools National Park 2582Mana Pools National Park
fixed Rate 250.00 USD
2584Mana Pools National Park 2584Mana Pools National Park
fixed Rate 300.00 USD
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