Short Day Tours in Namibia

It is great to note that Namibia is the location of the sole quadripoint in the whole globe. A quadripoint is when the four corners of four separate nations meet. Namibia is located next to the countries of Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe in the extreme northeastern corner of this continent. Because there is only one quadripoint in the whole globe, although there are over 150 tripoints, this particular location on the earth has a highly unique significance.

Unfortunately, it is located in a nation’s section that very few people choose to visit. It is near the eastern end of the Caprivi Strip, and as a result, it is cut off from many of the most popular tourist activities. On the other hand, the Tropic of Capricorn is a location that is far simpler to visit! Because the Tropic of Capricorn sign is prominent on Google Maps, you won’t have to worry about missing it even if most tourists to Namibia do wind up driving by it throughout the country.

Etosha National Park Namibia (2 or 3 Day Tour)

Short Day Tours in Namibia, Safari World Tours
Elephant at Etosha National Park

Not only is traveling through Namibia simple and risk-free, but the country also offers just as much to visitors as other African nations do despite its relatively small size. Visit Etosha National Park for 2 days, and you can find yourself driving next to elephants, giraffes, lions, or even black rhinos, among other animals. Dune climbing is a fun activity that is available in the desert of Namibia before dawn. There are shipwrecks to discover all around the shores and beaches of many countries. Because Namibia has the world’s darkest sky, the Milky Way is visible to the naked eye whenever nighttime. Oh, and there in the desert, you’ll find an abandoned settlement.

Carnivore Feeding Tour Namibia (3-4 Hours Tour)

Short Day Tours in Namibia, Safari World Tours
Carnivore Feeding tour at Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary

There is a chance to observe baboons, caracals, lions, cheetahs, wild dogs, and leopards during the Carnivore Feeding trip that lasts for half a day at the Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary. These creatures are known as “ambassador animals,” and the term “ambassador animals” refers to the fact that they are unable to be returned to the wild for various reasons.

The knowledgeable tour guides will feed the animals while you are on this trip, and you will get the opportunity to take some breathtaking photographs of these regal creatures. This tour lasts for half a day. After that, you will continue on a picturesque drive that will give you a wonderful opportunity to see some of the other animals on the Reserve. It is a fantastic opportunity to learn about these incredible creatures and see how they act in their natural habitat. Still, it is also a wonderful chance to take photographs of them in an intimate setting.

Okapuka & Naankuse Game Drives Namibia (3 Hours Tour)

Okapuka is a private wildlife reserve situated about 15 kilometers to the north of Windhoek. On relatively broad plains, they have a wide variety of wildlife, including, to name just a few examples: impala, eland, giraffe, oryx, warthog, kudu, and white rhinoceros. This afternoon game trip typically lasts for about an hour and a half. It is a wonderful way to spend the day by getting out of the city, experiencing the African bush, and viewing some of the incredible wildlife that Africa has to offer.

Short Day Tours in Namibia, Safari World Tours

The Okapuka Game Ranch is a privately owned game reserve consisting of undulating bushland and open savannahs, and it is situated at the foot of the Otjihavera mountains. It is guaranteed to get your fill of wildlife in a hurry since it is home to many mammal and bird species, including a wide variety of animals such as antelopes, zebras, giraffes, and white rhinos.

We leave Windhoek and go to Okapuka, where we board an open vehicle and go on a wildlife drive all around the property. The Otjihavera Mountains are a part of Okapuka, a massive reserve containing springbok and wildebeest herds. On the drive through the Reserve, you may also see kudu, oryx, giraffe, giraffe, and white rhinos. After the wildlife drive, guests will have the opportunity to relax at the resort for the remaining 90 minutes before continuing to Windhoek.

Bushman Cultural Tours (3-4 Hours Tour)

The Bushmen of Southern Africa is the oldest popular indigenous people in that region. They have lived in harmony with their environment for hundreds of years, subsisting off the earth. They have a lot to teach us about how to coexist sustainably with the environment, which is lacking in our contemporary way of life. When you go on a trip with the Bushmen, you will get the chance to engage with this unique culture and gain a thorough insight into how the Bushmen have survived in the difficult climate via an awareness of nature.

Short Day Tours in Namibia, Safari World Tours
Bushmen showing there Hunting Skills

The San people have historically occupied a significant portion of Southern Africa. It is including the areas and deserts in southern Botswana and southern Namibia. They are often bushmen. Although this is a generic word used to designate indigenous people of Southern Africa. However, the local people in the region that our bushmen tours stop in have created a way of life. It is that is as distinctive as their name suggests.

Even while our excursions into Botswana are already considered among the most rewarding trips you can take, you can make them even more memorable by participating in one of the bushmen activities offered by Nomad Tours. When visiting a foreign nation, it is essential to make an effort to familiarise oneself with the local culture.

The San people still live in much the same manner as they did many generations ago. And visitors on several of our overland journeys in Botswana get the chance to engage in conversation. It is with members of a traditional San community. It is not part of the excursions. And a decision must be made about whether or not to do it in advance. Although others believe it is wrong to treat the villagers as a spectacle. However, doing so provides tourists the opportunity to gain knowledge. And contribute much-needed funds to the preservation of the region and the villagers’ way of life.

Adrenaline Adventures of Swakopmund (2 or 3 Days Tour)

Swakopmund is an adrenalin junkie’s delight . Adventure activities in the air, water, and sand that can be found in Swakopmund will have your heart racing. While traveling across Namibia and having a good time doing it. Swakopmund, the “adrenaline capital” of Namibia, is a veritable candy shop of adventure activities. It is that can slake the thirst of even the most hardcore adrenaline addict. It offers a plethora of fascinating and one-of-a-kind adventure activities. Which are the best way to discover the natural wonder and beauty of a Namibian overland trip. It is while simultaneously satisfying your need for adventure.

Cheetah and Leopard Okonjima Tour (2 Days Tour)

Leopards, who belong to the Panthera pardus genus and are the most adaptable of all the wild cats, do particularly well in the Okonjima Nature Reserve, which covers more than 200 square kilometers and has undulating plains, hilly outcrops, and riverine thickets. Learn more about our research on leopards here.

Short Day Tours in Namibia, Safari World Tours
Cheetah & Leopard Gamedrive at Okonjima

These cunning, solitary predators are common across the expansive geography of Okonjima Nature Reserve, which has many different terrain features. The predator research program at the Reserve has been going on for the past three decades. Its findings have provided significant insight into the behavioral patterns of leopards. Also it offers an optimistic prognosis regarding the long-term viability of the species in Africa today.

A stay at Okonjima for two days gives visitors the finest opportunity in all of Namibia to see wild leopards, including those collared for research reasons, in their native surroundings. Programming for research leopards is actively tracked. Their collars are great for locating and then returning to the Reserve cats. It is which are migrating to surrounding farmland where they are a threats to livestock. In addition, leopards are actively tracked, and their pelts are examined for signs of disease and parasites.

The Okonjima Nature Reserve is a large protected area set among the rugged commercial farmlands of central Namibia. It comprises a diverse ecosystem that is representative of both the larger and smaller mammals. It is that are native to Namibia and the majority of the endemic birds that are native to the country. Visitors may get an intimate and close-up view of Namibia’s wildlife. Particularly the country’s most protected species, via activities such as game drives and guided bush walks.

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