Desert Nature Reserve

Desert Nature Reserve Tours & Excursions:

One of Africa’s largest and oldest protected areas, the Namib-Naukluft Park covers an area of almost 50 000 km2 and protects some of the most varied and extraordinary ecosystems in Namibia, the only country in the world named after its desert! On this grand scale, the Namib-Naukluft provides a sanctuary to large mammals including black rhino (reintroduced to their former range in 2007 to mark the centenary of the park), Hartmann’s mountain zebra, leopard and cheetah. A spectacular study in contrast and extremes, the park provides something for every adventurous spirit to explore. Hike the rugged gorges and paths in the formidable Naukluft mountain massif or test yourself and your vehicle on the two-day, 73 km 4×4 trail. Photograph some of the planet’s oldest and most peculiar plants on the Welwitschia Trail. Explore the Sesriem Canyon.

Go birding at Sandwich Harbour, home to up to 50000 wetland birds including spectacular flocks of greater and lesser flamingos. Feel transported to another realm by the vast and inimical gravel plains of the aptly named Moonscape. Explore the isolated mountains that are sprinkled liberally throughout the park. Search for unexpected botanical treasures, and be rewarded by awe-inspiring views of the Namib- Naukluft Park.

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