Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls on the border between Zamia and Zimbabwe fascinates travellers by its sheer beauty and extraordinary power. The wide and placid Zambezi River plunges suddenly over the chasm 100m high transforming this place it into angry torrents and raging of waters. It is one of the biggest curtains of water in this world. This is a remarkable natural wonder that is responsible for creating the greatest playground on the planet.  This beautiful destination is packed with every conceivable adrenaline sport and it hosts many other activities for the crazy folk.

Zimbabwe remains an enigma to the potential investors. This specific area of the country has increased in value consistently over past capricious years. This is a picaresque waterfall located between Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park and Victoria Falls National Park so that you can enjoy the view of the complete length of the waterfalls. You can enter from two different countries and different gates.

It is a popular falling water curtain releasing roaring and hissing 546 million cubic meters of falling water every minute. It offers a beautiful, awe-inspiring mist covered forest, provides the best white water rafting and a comfortable lodging facility to every tourist.

What to see

It comes with a mist like water vapour that rises 1000ft from this beautiful fall and sunlight ignites a breathtaking rainbow from it. This magnificent beauty triggers a feeling of joy in the tourists. From the far, the mist looks more like a cloud of smoke billowing out from a locomotive.

Within the falls area, you will find a mist covered forest comprises tress in their sizes and varieties. This place is incredibly beautiful to give you an unforgettable relaxation. This is the only place in the worlds where you can experience rain every day.

There is also the Knife Edge Bridge. This beautiful bridge can give you an opportunity to enjoy the complete view of Victoria Falls.

Boiling Pot is another popular area here where the beautiful Zambezi River turns to Batoka gorge. The vigorous turning of the water is the best thing to witness.

What to do?

A float down the upper river in rafts above the waterfalls by enjoying the spectacular waterways of the Zambezi River is an amazing experience.

For the travellers, who are looking for wanting more adventure, a drive out to the Jetboat Site followed by a 5-minute cable car ride down into the Batoka Gorge is sure to get the adrenalin flowing.

How to reach the place:

You can access the place from Zimbabwe or Zambia both. If you are visiting the place from Zimbabwe, you can go for the guided tour programs.  You need to visit first to the border-crossing office. You can walk or drive across the large bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe to the entrance of Victoria National park.

You can also take a shuttle bus from your hotel to reach there.

In the summer season from September to April, it opens at 6.00 and closes at 18.00.

During winter (1st Ma to 31st August), the opening time of the place is 6.30 am closes 18.00 pm

Best time to visit

The best time to visit this picturesque place is February to May when you can witness the water certain flowing best with the beautiful rainbow if you visit during sunrise.

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