Lodge Tours/Safaris

Safari World Tours recognizes that not everyone enjoys camping; with this in mind, we offer a variety of accommodated Safari options that provide excellent comfort while remaining within your budget.

Although there are safaris that use 4 and 5-star establishments, the majority of the accommodation on safari is in 2 – 3 star establishments.

Each establishment is selected based on its reputation and service delivery. Depending on the tour, we use various types of accommodation available at each establishment. These options include shared dorm rooms, single rooms, double/twin rooms, and occasionally triple rooms. The type of accommodation will be mentioned for each tour.

Hotels, Guesthouses, Bungalows, Tented Camps, Backpackers, and even Treehouses are used in Lodge Safaris! Generally speaking, by choosing a Budget Lodge Safari, you will see Africa in comfort and style at a great price!

17 Days Namibia All-Rounder Safari Tour (Lodging)

17 Days / 16 Nights
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