Soweto Market

Soweto Market

Markets in most countries in  Africa have great importance. Every city has the main market which is the melting pot of various cultures, tribes, foods and other goods. The market is the place where people don’t just come for buying their regular needs but also to see what is new. They also enjoy the ambiance which is loud and cheerful. Sundays usually see these markets in African towns crowded with families trying to stock up on their needs for the week.

Soweto is one such market in the capital city of Zambia. The market in Lusaka was rebuilt in the mid-90s to give shelter to the traders from the harsh sun and rains. Though it was difficult for the authorities to get the traders to come inside from the open market outside its gates, slowly the traders understood the benefits of a closed place to sell their wares. People also enjoyed the covered atmosphere of the market to standing in the sun to buy their goods.

Attractions In Soweto Market

It is a market that has around 5000 traders selling a variety of items. The farms around the capital city send their produce to the Soweto market. The traders in the market inform their customers to get the produce fresh. There are vegetables, meat, fish and dried fish. You can get all the dry fruits of the region in the market. Most of the vegetables that you get here are from the local farms and many of them are grown without using any chemicals.

What is most attractive about the market for outsiders is the chance to meet the people of Zambia who struggle to make a living. Like in most African countries, life is not very easy for ordinary Zambians. They must work hard in the market to earn a living. Though there are some big traders in the market, most of them are smaller ones earning just enough to feed their family and take care of their basic needs. You get to meet and talk to these people if you go there during the quieter hours of the market.

What To Do In Soweto Market?

If you don’t mind the sound and the smell, this is the best place for outsiders to get their souvenirs for friends back home. Africans are known for their ability to make many art and craft items using local items. These are peculiar to this part of the world and you will not find them in many other countries. If you were to buy these in fancy shops in the city, they would cost you a lot. At the Soweto Market, you get them at a very low price. You can bargain hard at these markets.

Reaching Soweto Market

Soweto Market is situated on Lumumba Road in Lusaka. Any taxi or local transport can take you to the market. The market is open every day from 6.30 am.

When Should You Visit Soweto Market?

The time to visit Lusaka is from May to October when the climate is not too hot. It is also the best time to visit the Soweto Market and make your purchases. Visiting the market early in the morning will allow you to buy fresh vegetables and fruits.

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