South Luangwa National Park

South Luangwa National Park

If you want to be sure of seeing some great wildlife, then the South Luangwa National Park is where you must go. It is one of the places with the densest concentration of animals that can be seen. The Luangwa river provides the necessary lifeblood to this large national park. Spread over an area of about 9000 sq. km this park is a paradise for wildlife and bird watchers. The national park was established in 1972.

The park lies at the end of the Great Rift Valley. It is bisected by the long Luangwa River. It is not just the wildlife that visitors to the park can enjoy. The birds in the park are a sight to enjoy too. There are magnificent trees and a variety of plants that are natural to the Luangwa Valley. What is most attractive about the park is that it has something for game-lovers of all kinds. Whether you want to see the predators of Africa or the big animals or different types of birds, you can see everything in one visit.

Attractions In South Luangwa National Park

The main attraction in South Luangwa National Park is the variety of wildlife that you can see here and the concentration of these animals. No visitor to the park will go back without seeing all the wildlife that he or she wishes to see in their lifetime. There are several safari packages that can take you through the park and show you all the animals. The walking safari of South Luangwa National Park is very famous. In fact, it is here that the first walking safaris took place.

Except for the rhino you can see all the four of the big five animals. You can find large elephant groups having more than 50 members along the banks of the Luangwa River. Leopards can be usually sighted in the park. Lions are a common sight in the national park. The endangered African wild dogs can also be spotted here. You can see giraffes and zebras in plenty as you walk or drive in the park. There are also a variety of birds in the national park that can enthrall any birder.

What To Do In South Luangwa National Park?

This question doesn’t have much importance in this national park, as you have too much to see here than you can manage in your short visit. The one thing that you must not miss when you are here is the walking safari. A good guide can take you close to the wild animals than you have ever been before. Seeing the animals at night is something that you should experience. They have completely different behavior at night that might surprise you. There are special programs for those interested in bird watching.

Reaching South Luangwa National Park

The nearest airport is Mfuwe Airport to where you can get regular flights from Lusaka, Lilongwe, and Livingstone. From the airport, it is just a thirty-minute drive which will be arranged by the lodge.

When Should You Visit South Luangwa National Park?

May to October which is the dry winter season is best because you can see all the animals at the banks of the river. This time is best for walking safaris. The hot summer months are good for bird watchers.