Though it is not a town that has much tourist attraction, it is a major place where people traveling to different destinations can by their needs. The town also has branches and ATMs of all the major banks in Zambia. Solwezi offers the opportunity to top up your fuel tanks before you head to the other tourist destinations in Zambia. It is the capital of the Northwestern province and is a copper and gold mining center.

The Kanzashi copper and gold mine is located about 10 km north of the town. The tribe that is most found in Solwezi is the Kaonde people. These are the direct descendants of the Luba-Lunda Empire of Congo. They moved into Zambia and were the first people to do copper mining in this region. The mine has archeological evidence that can be dated to the iron age.

Attractions At Solwezi

Apart from mining, there is not much in Solwezi for the tourists. The main attraction near the town is the Mutanda falls. It is around 30 km from Solwezi. The falls are on the Mutanda river. It is not a single fall but a combination of three falls. The place offers excellent scenic beauty and is a place for birders to see a wide variety of birds. The falls also offers a chance for you to swim in the natural pools near the falls. There are other watersports activities in the pool.

The Kifubwa Stream Rock Engravings is the other attraction in Solwezi. The rocks here have engravings from the late stone ages. These are made by the people that inhabited this region during that period and are a treat for those interested in history and archeology. There are also caves and rock shelters in the area. The rapids along the Kifubwa river offer a great opportunity for fishing.

What Can You Do At Solwezi?

Though Solwezi is not a tourist attraction there are some activities that you can engage in form this town. A visit to the Matunda Falls to enjoy the scenic beauty and swimming in the pools is one of them. But the most interesting activity is to go to the Kifubwa Stream Rock Engravings. The site of the engravings is situated in the Kifubwa National Monument spread over an area of 2500 sq. km.

The engravings are believed to have been made around 6000 to 6500 years ago. Hard stone was used to chip the rock to make the engravings. Red paint has been used to highlight the engravings. There is evidence of the late stone-age hunter-gatherer people having been there. Excavations have revealed this fact. There is also evidence that these people used bows and arrows with quartz stone arrowheads. The peculiarity of these engravings is that these are the only ones that have used color. This is an activity that you cannot find anywhere else.

Reaching Solwezi

There is an airport in Solwezi to where you can fly from Lusaka and other airports in Africa. Solwezi is right on the main road that goes to Kafue National Park from Lusaka. Driving is another option to reach the town.

When Can You Visit Solwezi?

The weather in Solwezi remains cool through most parts of the year. The best time to visit is the warm weather months between April and September.

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