Selinda Concession

The Selinda Concession is located in the northeastern area of the Okavango Delta. The Selinda Concession is one of Botswana’s prime wildlife viewing areas and most lovely settings.

This region has expansive territories of open savannah and on your Okavango safari, you will see extensive groups of plains wildlife, including Impala and Lechwe.

The territory comprises of flood fields which are shrouded in totally open savannah specked with genuine Fan Palm trees.

You can sight creatures such as Impala, Kudu, Tsessebe, Reedbuck and Steenbuck, Southern Giraffe, Buffalo and a large number of Elephants at Selinda Concession.

You can also a large number of predators in the concession with Lion being the overwhelming predator. Spotted Hyenas are spotted regularly. The totally open floodplains make the ideal territory for Cheetahs. You will frequently discover them relaxing on an ant colony dwelling place looking out for prey. Selinda is extraordinary compared to other places in the Okavango to see Wild Dogs as the landscape, for the most part, implies that you can tail them rough terrain when they choose to chase.

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