Mutare is the 4th largest and one of the most popular cities of eastern Zimbabwe. It was known formally as Umtali. It was built in 1890 and located at the junction of two rivers Umtara and Sambi. The name of the city comes from a word means metal and it is because of the gold workings in the city. This is a picaresque city that located in the lap of Eastern Highlands. This is sprawling up the sides of the Christmas Pass. This place is known for its beautiful streets covered with flowering trees. There are three parks, a museum and also a popular library. This city beautifully holds the modernism and tradition in its bag. There are several industries here and so the other modern amenities. Tourism plays a major role in the economic growth of the city.

The economy of the place is largely dependent on exports of minerals, agriculture, platinum mining and tourism. It is home to various cultures, beliefs and ritual ceremonies, craftsmanship in pottery, basketry, jewellery, carving, national parks, the great ruins, botanical parks, and museums, best of waterfalls in the world, wildlife, and so much more. English is the official language apart from local language Shona and Ndebele.

Places to visit

If you want to enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful view of the park, Vumba Mountain, green valley are more, Prince of Wales viewpoint is the best place to visit here in the city. If offers a refreshing and stunning view that you can enjoy on your way to Mutare.

Vumba Botanical Garden

Exploring nature at its best from, enjoying the songs of the birds and experiencing some stunning nature view is possible here at Vumba Botanical Garden and reserve. This reserve forest houses many other animals also samango, monkeys etc.

Holy Trinity Catholic Church

When you are looking for an option to find your own peace of mind, you can visit the church. This is an old church with extraordinary architecture and it is worth visiting for the travelers.


Mutare is a city of art, a city of culture. You can enjoy the old history of culture and art in the Museum of Museum. Unfolding the rich past of Zimbabwe and enjoying some wonders of the history is possible here.

Things to Do

There is a big golf club in the city that one can visit and can enjoy their free time in ultimate relaxation.

You can enjoy the traditional foods in several local restaurants and food shops in the city. A sport club is also there for the sports lover.

You can go for a family or friends picnic also in the botanical garden.

Best time to visit

February to May or September to November is the ideal time to visit the place.

How to access

Although the city has a very small airstrip there is no regular flight available there. Harare is the nearest and biggest airport nearby. From Harare, there are many bus, train and taxi services available to reach Mutare. There is also an overnight train service available from Harare.

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