Matusadona National Park

Matusadona National Park

You can expect to be mesmerized by the falling water of Victoria falls, be stunned by the beauty of rolling hills, have the glimpses of enormous buffalo, rhino, elephants and go back in old times with the stunning rock arts, which were designed before the sprout of civilization. Safari is not only the thing here to enjoy in Zimbabwe but you can find many natural wonders to explore in every corner of the country. Matusadona National Park is such a great place in the country that offers extraordinary natural beauty and a picaresque view of African wildlife. This national park is located at the northern part of Zimbabwe and it is at the south shore of beautiful Lake Kariba. This park has got its name from Matuzviadonha Hills.

This Reserve Forest comprises approximate 1400 square km area of flora and fauna. There is a beautiful lake too. The lake brought several ecological changes in the place. In has increased also the population of the mammals specially buffalo and elephant.

What are the attractions?

This place has three different but distinct areas of ecology. First is the shoreline grassland and land then the Zambezi valley, thick mopane and Jesse woodland and the Escarpment area of the Brachystegia and Jubernadia woodlands. Here you will find the elephant range, rhinos etc.

Tasigna Campsite is a popular and most adventurous place near Matusadona National Park. This campsite can give you a glimpse of real wildlife. This is a beautiful grassland.

Matusadone range

This mountain range offers wider Mountain View to the travellers. This range is more like a sandwich between Sanyati gorge and Ume River at east and west. This range separates the Matusadona National Park from civilization and farmlands in the south.

Lake Kariba is also not very far from the park where you can enjoy the view of elephants, rhinos that come to drink water.

Muuyu Island

When you are interested to stay in a beautiful jungle setting in Zimbabwe, Muuyu Island is the ideal place to enjoy. This place offers ideal camping sites, hotel accommodations and more for the travellers.

Things to do

Camping is the main attraction of the place. You can contact the travel guides and they will help you to arrange a perfect camping station for you. Camping in the park is the most popular activity here.

Hiking trails

Exploring those rough terrains, Matusadone range and rocky caves is a lifetime opportunity for the travellers who like to taste the true adventure.

Guided walks

You can opt for the guided walk in the park too. There are other activities present also that the travellers can enjoy like boat trip, bird watching, fishing, canoeing etc.

When you are in Matusadone park, you cannot miss the chance to have the game viewing experience. You can view the game of elephant, Klipspringer, Bushbuck, Rhinos, Warthog, Jackal, Kudu, Hippo, Baboon etc.

 How to go there?

You can go there by chartered plane or another way is to cross the lake by boat from Kariba. You can take a car from Victoria Airport or another alternative way is to go from Harare airport. There are many cars available to reach the lake and then one can take the boat.

Best time to visit

June to October or the dry season is the best time to visit the park.

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