Matobo National Park

Matobo National Park

Matobo National Park is located in the midst of Matopos Hills area, which is known for Granite kopjes. It comes with the large wooded valleys. It is located at southern Zimbabwe or at the south of Bulawayo.  The hill is 2 billion years old and made of granite. This beautiful place offers the most majestic and stunning granite scenery. This is an unsung highlight, one of the most popular tourist attractions of Zimbabwe. The breathtakingly beautiful landscape balances the rocks that popular as konjes. There are the giant boulders that teetering on the top of each other. This is the reason that the place is known as the spiritual home of the country.

This place is known for the great wildlife and white rhino can be found often in the park. This is the largest concentration of Leopard in Asia that moves around the park and here you will find the klipspringer too mostly with their groups.

This is a mystical place with an old history that stretches back almost 4,000,000 years. Rain and wind over all that time have formed the huge granite boulders into amazing shapes that you may not find anywhere else.

Many of the boulders have hidden caves that were sacred sites back in the day. You can see beautiful rock art in most of the caves.

Places to visit in Matobo National Park:

Grave of Cecil John Rhodes

This is a popular tourist attraction in the Park. This is the burial place of John Rhodes, a man who is known for his crusade to the “safe Africa from itself”. This place offers complete serene to the travelers with its simplicity and natural beauty.

Maleme Dam

In the midst of giant granite boulders, this beautiful dam is a resting place for the travelers.

Pomongwe cave

When you are looking for the beautiful cave art, this cave with natural granite wonders is the right option to visit once.

Things to do at Matobo National Park

African safari

You can enjoy the true African Safari and can visit the well-preserved cave drawings here. Walking through the jungle with the rhino is a great experience to have.  You can enjoy the beautiful sunset here during the safari time.

Camping in the jungle

Camping in the Matobo National Park is a great experience and your tour guide will help you to arrange the camping in the market.

Hiking is another adventure that you can enjoy in this park. Hiking through the Rocky Mountains is a real adventure to explore here.

The park doesn’t boast of the big rocks only but one can see the large array of rainbow lizards. Tourist can watch the park rangers feeding these lizards and it is quite a sight to see these little guys shoot out from under the rocks to snatch up their food and run back to shelter. You can see white rhinos as well as rare black ones, and antelopes, lots of different monkeys and baboons, and even zebras too.

Time to visit Matobo National Park

The best time to visit the place is from April to August. That is the dry season and you will have cool and soothing weather during the time. You can also go there from November to March if you like rain and humidity.

How to go there

This park is located 50km far from Bulawayo. There are many accessible roads that reach to the park. You can start from Victoria Falls airport to reach there by car or can take the bus too. From Harare airport, you can go there too by car.