Lake Mutirikwi National Park

Lake Mutirikwi National Park

Zimbabwe is known for its breathtakingly beautiful natural beauties, gems of the wildlife and many beautiful places. Lake Mutirikwi National Park was known formerly as Kyle Recreational Park. This park has approx 16900 hectares area to explore. There are the rest camps and the main office of the park that is located at the north shore of the beautiful dam. This place is at the eastern edge of Highveld. This place is quite hot in the summer but the misty lake can give you a chilled feeling to enjoy. Lake Mutirikwi National Park is the home to many terrestrial or land species and many aquatic species.  Natural, wildlife, history, you will find almost every beauty here. At the south part of this lake, you will find the beautiful granite hills covered whalebacks.

The entire area is bounded by Beza range at the north that has the 1485m height. There is a big valley which is located 1070 meter above the sea level. This valley imparts the two major areas of the park, west part and east part. Great Zimbabwe is located on the south side of the park.

Places to visit

This park has nearly 25 species of wild mammals. There you will find the white rhinos, elands, buffalo, zebra, kudu, wildebeest, leopard, reedbuck, tsessebe, waterbuck, warthog, hippopotamus, impala, porcupine, and klipspringer, etc. there are many rare species like bushpig, antbear, leopard, steenbok, and sable, etc.

Great Zimbabwe national monument

This is the hilltop archaeological ruins of ancient Bantu city. It is a historical place, a beautiful relaxing place for the people who like to discover the old histories.

Kyle Dam Wall

A mystic scenery, clear water, excellent greeneries, Kyle Dam Wall is an extraordinary place for the nature lovers.

Mushandike Sanctuary

Mushandike Sanctuary is a popular conversation area that offers a multiplicity of interesting activities like game viewing, game farming, and recreation etc.  In the premise of the sanctuary, there you will find the Natural Resources College. This place is dominated by large grassland, woodland, rocky outcrops etc.

Lake Mutirikwi

This beautiful lake is clean, clear and offers unparallel serenity to the travelers.

Things to do

You can enjoy picnic time in the area with your friends and family. Boating is allowed also in the lake and so the exciting experience of fishing.

You can watch here the rhino breeding program too.

Going for a long drive near the dam and lake area can give you an unforgettable experience.

How to reach there

There is a 65km of dirt road that you need to cover during your trip and some of the roads are tough to pass during the rainy season. Visitors can travel there from different parts of Zimbabwe. You can go from Masvingo through the A9 Birchenough Bridge Road. You can go there by train too. You can reach the signpost and travel through the narrow tar road. There are many car services and bus services are available to reach there. Many tourist guides can arrange the tour for you too.

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