Kitwe is the second largest and most developed city in Zambia. It is a town that is similar to those you will see anywhere in the developing nations of the world. The main source of income in the city is from the copper mines in the area. This wealth has boosted the city’s economic growth. There are large malls, hotels with the most modern amenities and many other interesting activities in the town and around it. Accommodation of different prices is available in the city, catering to tourists of all kinds.

The city owes its development to the demand for copper in the world and a rise in price for the metal in the 1950s. This gave a boost to a lot of other industries in and around the town. There are many furniture manufacturing units. Asbestos and cement production also takes place in this town. Manufacturing units producing batteries are plenty here. It is also an agriculture center being in the middle of the Copperbelt province.

Attractions In Kitwe

The best attraction around Kitwe is the Chembe Bird Sanctuary. You must travel about 40 km out of Kitwe to reach this sanctuary. It is a part of the Miombo woodlands and is situated around a lake. It is famous for the three hundred-odd species of birds that you can find here. The famous African Fish Eagle can be sighted in this sanctuary. It is not a place for spotting wild animals, but it is good for boating and fishing too.

When you travel from Kitwe to Kalalushi you can find Mindolo dam on the Great North Road. It is a place for many activities. You can have an excellent family vacation at the dam site. There are places for staying and conducting various functions. The place offers you activities like cycling, camping, fishing, boating, game park viewing, etc. The Mwekwera falls is another attraction near Kitwe. The falls are not large, but the scenery around the place is very beautiful. It is just 9 km from Kitwe on the Kitwe-Ndola road.

What To Do In Kitwe?

If you want to have a city experience along with that of an African expedition, then this is the place to be. There are no limits to what you can do in the town. The shopping experience in the local markets must leave you surprised by the capabilities of the local artisans. There are also large shopping malls like those you find in other big towns. There are a variety of hotels and restaurants in the town where you can get food from everywhere in the world including local fare.

Reaching Kitwe

There are many ways to reach the town of Kitwe. The cheapest way to travel from Lusaka to Kitwe is to go by bus. There are many buses on the route and it will take around 6 hours to reach Kitwe. You can drive your car to Kitwe at almost the same time. The other option is to fly to Ndola from Lusaka and then by road to Kitwe.

When Should You Visit Kitwe?

April to September is the best time to visit Kitwe. However, you don’t find much change in the weather in Kitwe at any time of the year.