Kariba Lake

Kariba Lake

Kariba Lake is the largest manmade lake in the world and situated in Zimbabwe. Kariba Lake is huge; the dam wall spans the mighty Zambezi River. It was constructed between 1955 and 1959 mainly to provide hydroelectric power to the region. It is one of the largest dam walls in the world and is 128m high and 579m long. But that is nowhere near the best part as Lake Kariba is over 220 kilometres long and at some points up to 40 kilometres wide. It covers an area of 5,580 square km and almost all of that is in the Zambezi basin containing some of Africa’s best-known wildlife.

The source of all its water is the Mighty Zambezi River that is diligently protected by an ancestral spirit, Nyaminyami, the river god. This is truly an extraordinary and unique and place to take a safari, either by foot or on one of the many Kariba Lake Houseboats. This is one of the most popular but undiscovered Riviera of Zambia. It comes with stunning sunsets, outstanding views, exciting boating and fishing opportunities, exploring the water sports etc. You can spend a relaxing holiday in the city while soaking up the suntan. The weather of the place is pleasant and sunny. Midsummer days are hot but the winter days are very comfortable.


Many people enjoy the beauty of the place and mostly the water beauties. The most attractions of the place are the beauty of the lake, a beautiful sunset and extremely exciting safari near the lake. One can visit Lusaka from here. This is just 3 hours drive from the lake.

Things to do:

One of the best ways of viewing wildlife and to have a completely relaxing holiday is on a houseboat. Most Houseboat Safaris leave from Kariba Town that is near the Dam wall and right near the border with Zimbabwe’s neighbour Zambia.

This lake offers traditional water sports like canoeing, wake-boarding and speed boating.

Kariba lake lined up with large crocodiles. Nile crocodile, hippopotamus are seen often also that offers a good game viewing experience to the travellers. With a little bit of luck, you can see many other small mammals too.

In Siavonga town, you can enjoy viewing the largest crocodile farm of this planet.

You can visit the 130 meters high and 1/2km wide dam wall also near the lake.

This place is the home to the traditional Tonga people of Zambia. They preserved a number of ancient traditions. It is an interesting idea to explore their colourful lives.

How to reach

Kariba town has an airport that can be reached from either Harare, by plane or from Victoria Falls Airport or even from Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. You can reach there also from Johannesburg in South Africa. You can also go there by car from Harare that takes nearly 4 hours. This place is easily accessible.

The right time to visit

From May to July is the right time to visit the place when the weather of the place is calm and dry. You can enjoy tiger fishing all around the year but the best time for tiger fishing is September to December.