Hwange National Park

Hwange National Park

Hwange National Park is one of the most popular and largest wildlife reserve forests, which is nearly 15000 km2 vast.  It is more like a haven for over a hundred mammal species and it houses four hundred and twenty bird species. Hwange has no permanent groundwater other than rivers in the far north and southern border, so the animals of Hwange, especially the 20,000 elephants, reply on the series of waterholes that are dotted around the park. In the dry winter months, the waterholes dry up completely.

Hwange National Park is located in West Zimbabwe. There is also the Masuma dam and Mandavu Dam where the animals gather to drink water. There is also the Bumbusi National Monuments that comes with the pre-colonial carvings of rock and 18th-century ruins.

Places to visit in Hwange National Park

It is one of the most magnificent and finest havens of wildlife which serve as a home to a large number of giraffes, zebras, buffalos, elephants and is visited by thousands of enthusiastic and adventurous travelers who take cheap flights to Bulawayo and spend quality time here. Now you don’t have to get worried about your stay as many gleaming and sparkling accommodations are encircling the park which offers tranquillity and relaxation to its extreme

Things to do in Hwange National Park

Birding in Hwange is a great experience to enjoy all year round but summer turns Hwange into a birding wonderland. The park is probably best known for its raptors both big and small and in the summer months one can see the Steppe Eagle and Lesser Spotted Eagle join the birding mix. An explosion of termites into the air after a summer shower brings the park to life and it’s possible to sit for hours with a set of binoculars watching the raptors plus a variety of animals from baboons to vultures gorging themselves on the feast.

Camping safari

This park can give you the best camping safari experience in Zimbabwe.  Night stay in the camp is really an awesome experience to have here.

Safari tour

You can enjoy the wildlife safari by car here. Seeing the team of elephants, zebra and other African species can give you the taste of real African wildlife here.

The right time to visit Hwange National Park

Summer rains between December and March rejuvenate the dusty valley into bright green grasslands which are the staple food for impala and other plains game. This a time of plenty; it’s during the rainy season that many of the plains game drop their young which in turn draws the attention of the apex predators. July to October is the right time to visit the place. January to May is the time when the weather is soothing.

How to go there

This is a very accessible place. You can reach the main camp of the park through a tar road. This places this at the 200km south of renowned Victoria Falls. You can reach there by car and time takes approx three hours. You will find several accommodation options there to enjoy the best safari in Zimbabwe.

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