Harare is the cosmopolitan hub of Zimbabwe and also the largest city of the country. Previously it was known as Fort Salisbury, this beautiful place has developed from a purpose-built British colony into a major and most popular tourist destination.

The spectacular cityscapes, streets lined with greenery, wide thoroughfares, and a number of parks and gardens have designed this city with complete serenity. Adding to this, a fine blend of Western and African culture completes its metropolitan nature. It is indeed a complete holiday package for the travelers.  This is one of the beautiful cities in Africa.

Places to visit

Untouched natural environments and green plantation is what is seen commonly in Harare. This setting makes the city a colorful and serene cosmopolitan. The National Botanic Gardens of the city house more than 900 species of flora where the Mukuvisi Woodlands provide 256 hectares of flora and fauna. The Chapungu kraal and Shona Village of the city is a picturesque theme park.

The National gallery of the city is an ideal place to visit and see the great Shona-craft carvings, man interesting national collections and international exhibitions. National Archives offer complete knowledge to the travelers on the journey of the city from Fort Salisbury to the current days in Harare. Queen Victoria Library and Museum at the Expo Center are also great places to visit.

There are a lot of highlights like the Botanic Gardens, National Gallery, Mukuvisi Woodlands etc. You can learn the way to differentiate dung and spoor to track our favorite animal. You can enjoy the natural beauties with the touch of wildness at Lake Chivero.

Things to do

You can also go for a motherland tour to find out the real African life or for a cultural tour to enjoy the true culture of the city. The nightlife of the place is also very colorful and ideal for the party people.

This place hosts a number of sports and several cultural events. These events are like musical shows, cricket and football shows etc.

Rhino tracking is an interesting scene of this place. You can book the tours with a good travel guide to get the best itinerary available for the place, the capital city of Zimbabwe.

Chinhoyi cave exploring is a great adventure option here for travelers. Exploring the traditional villages and finding the ruins of Zimbabwe is something that we can keep in our mind.

Shopping in the city is a great experience with its several local markets around the city and upscale shopping malls. From the traditional African style markets to modern shopping centers, you will get many economical shopping options.

Time to visit

The serene environment and reasonable weather conditions of the city all year round make it an ultimate attraction for the tourists. December to February is the best time to visit the place. The warm weather during the time makes it an ideal time to explore.

How to access the place?

Getting into this exotic city is not very tough. From inside Zimbabwe, highways lead to Harare from Johannesburg. You can cross the road by bus or car. From inside and outside Africa, cheap flights are available easily and widely available. Harare airport is the main international airport in Zimbabwe.