Gonarezhou National Park

Gonarezhou National Park

This national park is located south-east low land of Zimbabwe. The real meaning of Gonarezhou is the place of many elephants. This is a stunningly beautiful scenic park that offers a lot. Beautiful landscape, great wildlife and beautiful greenery, this park offers a lot to the travelers. Three beautiful rivers Runde, The Save and Mwenzi have cut their courses by the beautiful park. These courses create several natural oases and pools from those wild animals, birds and fish get their foods and they drink water. This park is surely popular for elephants. You will find the largest-tusked elephants.

Safari in the park is guaranteed to be an adventure trip of a lifetime. For a perfect introduction to Zimbabwe, what better way to go on safari than in this beautiful Game Reserve? Established over a century ago, this national park is a leading safari destination. The Gonarezhou National Park is home to an impressive number of species including the popular Big 5: elephant, lion, rhino, buffalo and leopard.

This national park is located in a remote corner of the Masvingo province.

Attractions of the park:

This park is the part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park. Chipinda Pools, Malapati Game Resorts and Gonarezhou Bush camp are some attractions of the place. This is one of the peace parks of the world that known for the eco-tourism culture. This park is a perfect introduction to African fauna and flora. Gonarezhou National Park is home to an impressive number of species, different mammal species including the Big 5, elephant, lion, rhino, buffalo and leopard, together with different types of tree, different classes of fish, amphibians and several reptile species.  Different species of birds make the park a popular birding safari destination too.

The aim of most tourists and safari guides is usually to see The Big 5. Hunters coined this term in days gone by to describe the five Zimbabwe game animals that were hardest to hunt on foot.

The Chipinda pool is a great place to visit during summer. This is a great place that offers complete peace of mind. If you are tired of your tour, you can take rest here.

Chilojo Cliffs are the best natural feature of the park. These are stunning sandstone cliffs have formed by the eons of the erosion the Runde River Valley.

Things to do

Wildlife safari is the most popular activity in the park. You can go camping, hiking, boating and more in the park. There are many travel companies that arrange camping programs for travelers.

Elephant safari is an exciting and adventurous thing to do in the park.

This park is ideal for watching animals like deer, leopard, lion etc too. This place is ideal for an African safari.

There is a beautiful palm forest that the travelers can visit.

The right time to visit the place

June to October is the ideal time to visit Gonarezhou National Park if you want to watch the wildlife. Dry Season is the ideal time for watching wildlife.

How to reach there

This place is in the south of Zimbabwe. You can go there from Harare by road which is 550/km by road. The roads are not very good in condition, especially during the wet season.

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