Serengeti National Park’s key attraction is the wild animals. It houses large mammals in the highest concentration. It means you must spot giraffes, hippos, elephants, and, of course, lions. There are over 500 bird species, including flamingos and ostriches. There are over one million zebras, wildebeest, and hoofed animals.



Ngorongoro Conservation Area is not a part of Serengeti National Park. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with 25,000 animals. It coves around 32,000 Sq. miles. It houses Olduvai Gorge and Ngorongoro crater, the sixth-largest volcanic caldera.

Seronera River Valley

You can spot on this River valley elephants, gazelles, wildebeests, zebras, giraffes, and more. The best places to visit are Seronera River Valley if you wish to see wildlife teems such as elusive leopards.

Lobo Valley

Lobo Valley is located in Northern Serengeti. The Lobo Valley, with the Senonera Valley, is a place in the Serengeti that you can see all three big cats roaming, leopards, lions, and cheetahs. You will see elephants, giraffes, and baboons regularly. Plus, July through November, see millions of zebras, wildebeest, and gazelles of gazelles, wildebeest, and zebras making their way during migration.

Naabi Hill

This is the main entrance to the Serengeti National Park. Stretch your legs on the walking trail and catch some stunning views. The hills are the home base for majestic lions, and there are zebras, gazelles, and wildebeest.

Bologonja Springs

This is a major attraction. It has refreshing waters that attract different animals. You can get closer to mammals such as elephants and giraffes, mountain reedbuck.

Dinge die zu tun sind

  • Go on a Nature Walk- go on walking safaris or take a guided nature walk.
  • Depending on the place you stay, you may learn about the fauna and flora in the Serengeti plains.
  • Enjoy a bush dinner on the Serengeti. Get traditional cuisine to BBQ buffets, Indian meals to succulent Chinese.
  • Camp beneath the stars. Pitch a tent and fall asleep in the wilderness.
  • Watch a night game drive- visit the neighboring conservancies and take a night game drive. It will be a distinct experience.
  • See Moru Kopjes. These are stones in piles towering and is popular with lions as they stretch to soak up the sun.

So greifen Sie zu

Getting There

  • By Car— Enter through Naabi Hill Gate the Serengeti.
  • By flight, it takes 7 to 8 hours. There are airstrips in the park that visitors can fly as they wish.

Beste Zeit für einen Besuch

Die beste Zeit dazu besuchen Serengeti National Park is last June to October. It is the right time for wildlife viewing. In the migration period and you get to see more animals and this is during June and July.

From late January to February, it is the wildebeest calving season. This park enjoys two seasons, June to October with a dry season and from November to May, it is the wet season.


  • Serengeti National Park has a significant ecosystem on the planet. It is the oldest and its weather patterns, flora and fauna have changed giving a prehistoric feel.

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