Cape Cross Seal Reserve Tours & Excursions:

The Cape Cross Seal Reserve hosts the world’s largest breeding colony of Cape fur seals. This headland situated along the coast of Namib is spread about 23 square miles consisting of flat gravel plains and a rock outcrop where the seals gather.

Situated close the coastal towns of Henties Bay and Swakopmund, travellers can stroll along the edge of the colony and explore these interesting animals and unique history of Cape Cross. Arctocephalus pusillus pusillus, the Cape fur seal, is the largest of the nine fur-seal species found in the world.

The rich concentrations of fish in the cold Benguela Current, helps the seal population to grow in plenty. The sight of more than 100,000 seals lazing on the beach and larking in the surf is definitely a striking sight to behold.

During the breeding season, you can see up to 210,000 of these animals gather at Cape Cross at any one time.

During November and December, you can find gigantic sea bulls fighting for beach territory and the right to mate. While females breed in sync and spend their days fishing in the Benguela Current returning to the shore amongst thousands of pups.

Best Time to Visit

  • Cape Cross Seal Reserve is open for tourists all year round.
  • The reserve is open from 8:00 to 17:00 from 16 November-30 June
  • While the reserve remains open for visits from 10:00 to 17:00 during 1 July- 15 November.

How to go

Cape Cross Seal Reserve is a small headland in the South Atlantic in Skeleton Coast. It is well connected by roadways.

  • It is located about 122 km north of Swakopmund, which is around 1-2 hours driveway.
  • While it is located some 60 kilometres north of the Henties Bay.

Things to do

During your visit to Cape Cross Seal Reserve, you can do a number of activities, such as:

  • Watch the seals basking and frolicking on the beach
  • Hiking
  • Spot Wildlife
  • Visit the Museum Carter
  • Photography
  • Buy salt mine souvenirs from creepiest souvenirs stand along the way.

What To See & Highlights

  • Undoubtedly, the large colonies of the seals are the main attraction of the park.
  • You can also take a see the modern replica of Diego Cao’s historical cross.
  • You can also visit the Museum carter and the Skeleton Coast Park.
  • You can see the shipwrecks dotted along the coast.

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