When you are visiting Zimbabwe, you can expect to visit Zimbabwe; you can expect to be dazzled by the breathtaking beauty and African Safari. Great wildlife is waiting for you to give an unforgettable experience. You can get a chance to escape to a new planet that very unparallel to our known world.

Bulawayo is a beautiful city and it has roots embedded in the old prehistoric times. It survives with multifarious challenges of the civilizations for several years and it stands proudly with its modernization. It is the largest city in the country.

This city is known as other names like ‘the city of open skies’, ‘the city of Kings’ etc.   Bulawayo does not only hold an eminent historic significance but also knows the contemporary ways of winning hearts. This is a multifarious city that preserves the blessings with great historic culture, natural triumphs, modern corners that ensures outstanding experience for the travellers.

Some places to visit

Natural History Museum

Zimbabwe expresses magnanimous cluster of top natural treasures of the country at the historic Museum of Natural History. This museum is a big reservoir of Mammals, African Birds, human history, Butterflies, Reptiles, minerals and other precious things. This is the largest museum in Southern Hemisphere. You can find the second-largest mounted elephant here.

Matobo Hills National Park

This is a heavenly place in Bulawayo. This national park comes with stunning natural beauty and beautiful wildlife experience. This is a UNESCO heritage site and the spiritual shelter of Mwari Cult.  You will find white Rhinos here with other animals.


Bulawayo has a fascinating blend of old tradition and dynamic cultures. This city has its own big Amphitheatre.     This place holds several events like art shows, drams, dancing or music shows etc and the local festivals. For art lovers, there is also a big art gallery, central parks and so on.

You can take part in the international trade fairs of Zimbabwe too. There is also the railway museum, hillside dams etc that you can visit.

Nesbit castle and the Matopo village tour can offer you an experience to keep in your heart for your entire life.

Things to do:

Here you can enjoy the view of beautiful Stone Age cave art, the ruins of the old city.

Why not a day in Tshabalala Game Sanctuary? You can see the impala and zebra there.

A hiking tour can be planned for Matopo and Khami. Your tour can offer you a breathtaking view and an unforgettable experience.

Camping safari in Matopo Park is another great opportunity to stay close to nature. Elephant safari can be included in the tour too. There is also the option to enjoy a train safari here.

Chimpangli Wildlife exploring is a great experience that anyone may enjoy.

How to access

Bulawayo has a big airport and you can access the city by plane from any other city of Zimbabwe and other countries. You can reach there by train or bus from other cities or can hire a car to reach there.

The right time to visit

You can visit the place throughout a year as it comes with a subtropical climate. May and August are the best time to visit the city. In September/October, this city holds Intwasa Arts Festival KoBulawayo. It showcases many traditional and international art forms.

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