Botswana Destinations

Botswana: Where Wilderness Meets Luxury

Botswana trips provide the finest in land- and water-based safari experiences, with everything from lunar-like desert vistas and open grasslands to riverine forests and papyrus-lined canals. Additionally, some of the most distant places on earth allow you to mix luxury with adventure, and the wonderful sights and sounds of Africa will leave you with memories you’ll treasure always.

The Okavango Delta in Botswana destination is undoubtedly one of the most popular safari locations on the planet. Tourists visits to see the largest inland marsh in the world, which is totally encircled by a desert. Additionally, Chobe National Park attracts tourists who want to see the greatest number of wild elephants in all of Africa.

Amazing birding, an annual zebra migration, desert, delta, rivers, and baobabs, uncommon species like lechwe and sitatunga, wonderful safari lodging… Botswana truly has everything.

All-Inclusive Safari Adventure: A Trip to Botswana

You’ll immediately understand that this isn’t simply a Botswana trip—it’s an extraordinary voyage as you travel across Botswana’s beautiful landscapes. Our Botswana travel packages are carefully tailored to guarantee that every detail of your experience is taken care of, enabling you to concentrate exclusively on taking in Botswana’s delights.

Exciting game drives in the many wildlife-filled national parks of Botswana, including Chobe and Moremi, will occupy your days. Seen in their native habitat, magnificent elephants, beautiful giraffes, and elusive big cats.

Our Botswana tour packages provide cultural interactions that will put you in touch with the local people and give you a greater appreciation of this extraordinary nation’s history in addition to the mesmerising animal encounters.











Family-Friendly Safaris in Botswana

While Botswana is a fantastic vacation spot for kids over 12 and has activities for the whole family. It has an incredible selection of privately led safaris, cosy luxury lodges, and even activities for kids, and is easily accessible for grandparents. The increased Botswana safari prices is more than offset by the all-inclusive nature of safari travel, the absence of crowds in the country’s reserves and private conservancies, and the overall stress-free safari experience.

Utilise our Botswana family tour packages and recommended lodging to choose what appeals to you the best and get a ballpark estimate of the cost. Your Botswana family tour can be specially designed by one of our knowledgeable safari advisors once you’ve determined your interests.

What Makes Safari World Tour a Best Travel Agency in Botswana?

Safari World Tour’s constant commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism guarantees that your trip with us not only leaves you with priceless memories but also makes a positive difference in the protection of Botswana’s amazing ecosystems.

By providing great services and life-changing experiences for tourists, Safari World Tour has become recognised as the one of the top travel agencies in Botswana. The following sets them apart:

  1. Local Expertise

The skilled staff at Safari World Tour has extensive understanding of the animals, culture, and landscapes of Botswana. You will get the most genuine and rewarding experiences with our broad local tie-ups.

  1. Personalised Itinerary

We are aware of the individuality of each traveller. You can experience Botswana’s beauties in the way that best fits you thanks to the custom itineraries Safari World Tour makes to suit your tastes.

  1. Luxurious Lodgings

Safari World Tour provides a variety of lodging alternatives to suit your comfort and price range, whether you like opulent lodges, cosy campsites, or affordable solutions.

  1. Security and Safety

We put your security & safety first. To make sure that your travels are worry-free, we have strict safety procedures in place and knowledgeable guides.

  1. 24/7 Assistance

Travel problems might occur. Safari World Tour offers 24/7 customer service to make sure you have support whenever you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best time to visit Botswana?

The best time to plan a trip to Botswana destination is from May to October, when game watching is at its optimum, during the dry winter season. As the dry season continues, animals are gathered in ever-increasing numbers at water sources during these months. Many experts agree that Botswana’s cooler months of June to August are the greatest times of year for luxury safaris since the weather is ideal for wildlife drives and malaria danger is at its lowest.

  1. How much does Botswana safari cost?

Botswana Safari cost start at minimum Rs 17,500 per person per day, while midrange safaris cost about Rs 42,500 and luxury safaris may cost up to Rs 82,500. One of the best safari experiences in the world is available in Botswana. However, it will cost you because Botswana is likely the most pricey safari location in Africa.

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