Visit Namibia – A Great Paradise You Would Never Want To Leave!

Visit Namibia – A Great Paradise You Would Never Want To Leave!, Safari World Tours

Africa is distinctive with a diverse culture. Vast wealth of natural resources and varied cultural heritage has helped African countries to be among the most loved tourist destinations of the world. With countries like South Africa, Morocco, Kenya and Tanzania, African continent is undoubtedly breath-taking. But Namibia – the southern African country is an awesome place to begin your African expedition. You will be amazed by the magnificent views and rich wildlife once you Visit Namibia.

The famous Namibia Destinations and the lesser known gems that you would discover throughout your travel in this incredible country is sure to leave you amazed!

Let us take you through list of some of the Best Places To Visit In Namibia….

  • The Namib Desert: Namibia is named after the oldest dessert of the world “The Namib Desert” which is also one of the most beautiful Namibia Tourist Attractions. It offers amazing sites for the travellers. You also find dunes which shape up like arches that branch over the ocean and create magnificent views.
  • The Etosha National Park: Etosha National Park is one of the best places in Namibia. You cannot get closer to wildlife in their natural habitat in any other place the way you reach out here.  The park is home to lions, dessert adapted elephants, gemsboks and so many other animals.
  • Skeleton Coast: The Skeleton coast is a huge stretch of flat, inhabited field of sand on the right, ocean on the left and a single straight road to drive through. You can come across numerous wrecks along the coast. You will also trace remains of gigantic whales or seals decomposed along the coast.

While passing through do not miss to stop by Cape Cross Seal Reservoir, where you encounter the largest seal colonies in Africa.

  • Kolmanskop Ghost Town: It is one of the unique places to visit in Namibia. Abandoned buildings covered with sand and debris of mansions and villas trace back to its dark and complex history. Do stop by and explore the uniqueness of this very place.
  • Sossusvlei: Perhaps the most popular place to visit in Namibia, Sossusvlei is full of attractive landscape and gigantic sand dunes. Some of the highest dunes of the world are found here which may reach to a height of almost 400 metres. You can also climb the famous dune 45, big mama or big daddy to enjoy the view from the top which is a wonder in itself.
  • Damaraland: Damaraland is the land of lions and dessert elephants. It is a huge dry and rocky dessert with a variety of flora and fauna. Stay in the overnight campsites while in Damaraland and have an Elephant Safari of your dreams the other day.
  • Windhoek: It is capital and the largest city of Namibia. It is a place to shop for gifts and souvenirs back home. However, there are few places like The Parliament and an old church namely Christuskirche which might interest you for a visit.

Apart from these Namibia tourist attractions. There are so many other things in Namibia that you cannot just get away with.

Visit Namibia – A Great Paradise You Would Never Want To Leave!, Safari World Tours Visit Namibia – A Great Paradise You Would Never Want To Leave!, Safari World Tours

  1. Namibia is unique: It is a vast country but sparsely populated and preferably travelled less by the tourists. It offers loneliness, space and silence. You can drive for hours all together under the blue sky and immerse deeply in remote wilderness.
  2. Namibia is diverse in culture and language: There are nearly 30 languages spoken in the country. Oshiwambo being the most popular. English is the official language of Namibia. Other widely spoken languages are Khoekhoegowab, Afrikaans, Rukwangali, Otjiherero and many more.
  3. Largest concentration of Africa’s rock art is found in Namibia:  The presence of rock art which is around 6000 years old has confirmed the existence of people from San tribes in Namibia.
  4. You will be amaze to see Cheetahs roaming free at the Cheetah conservation in Namibia. Absolutely a sight to behold.
  5. Most fascinating Namibia Tribes: During your visit to Namibia do not forget to spare and spend some time studying the unique tradition and culture of the people of Namibia. You will be surprised to find The Himba tribe in Kunene region still hanging on to their traditional ways and beliefs.
  6. Namibia offers adventure activities to indulge in: Opt for sky diving and enjoy a scenic fight at Swakopmund along the Atlantic coast. Birds view of the Namib dessert is breathtakingly beautiful and worth every penny.
  7. Kayak at Pelican point: Kayaking in Namibia offers a dramatic view where dessert meets the ocean. It creates wonderful scenic opportunity and you can even spot Cape Fur Seals, Flamingos, Pelicans and Dolphins making your trip all the way more beautiful and rewarding.
  8. Namibia Dollar and South African Rand can be alternatively used. Therefore, roaming around in Namibia becomes little convenient while transacting monetarily.

Namibia Safari Packages with Safari World Tours are fully packed with adventure, thrill and unlimited action. Each day that you are here will be beautiful and create memories to cherish for years to come. Contact us and plan your most awaited trip to Namibia. For details please feel free to contact!

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