26 Best Things To Do In Swakopmund, Namibia

Swakopmund is popularly known as an adrenalin junkie’s paradise. The adventure activities on air, ocean, and sand in Swakopmund are mind-blowing whilst enjoying and exploring your Namibia overland trip. With a decidedly German look and feel due to its colonial architecture, Swakopmund is Namibia’s most popular holiday destination. As Namibia’s adrenalin capital, Swakopmund is a candy store of fun activities to quench the thirst of even the most extreme adrenalin junkie. Its pleasant summer climate and decent beaches attract surfers, anglers, and beach lovers from all over Southern Africa. It offers a host of exciting and unique adventure activities, which are the ultimate ways to explore all the natural wonder and beauty of a Namibia overland whilst getting your adventure fixed.

History of Swakopmund

Swakopmund, a Namibian town, holds a deep-rooted history extending to the late 15th century. Its inception can be traced back to Portuguese navigator Bartholomew Diaz’s arrival at Cape Cross in 1487, where he raised a stone cross to mark his presence.

In 1793, two Dutch sailors briefly anchored at the Swakop River mouth, while it wasn’t until 1862 that a German gunboat’s crew hoisted their flag at the same spot, marking the coastal area’s occupation.

During the colonial era, Swakopmund played a pivotal role as a harbor despite its challenging conditions. Shallow coastal waters without a sheltered lagoon and treacherous surf made it difficult. Nearby Walvis Bay was already under British control, further emphasizing Swakopmund’s significance for German colonial endeavors.

To overcome the challenges faced by settlers and troops landing in rough surf, a costly artificial harbor was constructed. Regular freight traffic commenced in 1894, managed by a Hamburg-based shipping company. Initially, a 325-meter wooden jetty was built in 1902, later replaced by an iron one in 1912. The remnants of this historic jetty are visible today and have been repurposed, including the opening of an oyster bar in 2010 on the structure known as the ‘Jetty.’

Best Things to Do in Swakopmund:

We’ve listed below a wide range of African Adventure activities offered by Swakopmund, Namibia’s Adrenalin City:

1. The Living Desert Tour

This is a special 4×4 adventure drive through the dunes outside Swakopmund, Namibia. The tour takes you from the stagnated, life-rich eastern part of the dunes right through the dunes to the Atlantic Ocean on the western side of the dune belt. Just the drive dunes are a thrilling experience; however, at the end of the tour, weather permitting, you will experience a ‘roaring’ dune. It is top-rated by many visitors and tourists.

26 Best Things To Do In Swakopmund, Namibia, Safari World Tours

2. Skydiving

Swakopmund is surely Namibia’s premier skydiving destination. Skydiving over the Namibia desert is surely a sight to behold. Once on the plane, you will enjoy a 30-minute scenic flight. You will experience a 30-35 second free fall at 220km/hr after exiting the plane 10,000 feet. Experienced and first-time jumpers are all equally welcome to throw themselves out of the plane and plummet toward the Namib desert. Beginners have two options which are to either embark on a full-day training course with a solo jump at the end or, better still, take a shorter course followed by a tandem jump, where your instructor does all the work. Be sure to endeavor to open your eyes and enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Namib desert, meeting the southern Atlantic Ocean.

26 Best Things To Do In Swakopmund, Namibia, Safari World Tours

3. Quad Biking

Quad biking is the most popular tour, as real adventure starts with the ride of one’s life. It is easier to ride at the beginning of the trip as it gives you time to get used to the bikes. Professional guides will be available to lead you toward the dune belt. The savage beauty and starkness of the dune belt are captured in the 2-hour trip on your way to the sunset dune. You will get an absolutely stunning view over the Atlantic Ocean with amazing photo opportunities offers.

26 Best Things To Do In Swakopmund, Namibia, Safari World Tours

4. Sandboarding

The Swakopmund sand dunes are any board lover’s dream on a Namibia Tour. Two options are provided during sandboarding. You can either lie down or stand up with no experience needed. There are six different slopes included in the lie-down option. Speeds of up to 80km/hour can be reached for the maximum adrenalin buzz. All necessary equipment is provided.

26 Best Things To Do In Swakopmund, Namibia, Safari World Tours

5. National Marine Aquarium

This waterfront aquarium was recently renovated, and it does a great job of introducing people to the marine life that lives in the chilly waters of the South Atlantic. The tunnel through the biggest aquarium is the highlight since it provides up-close encounters with elegant rays, toothy sharks (you can count the teeth!), and other tiny marine creatures.

26 Best Things To Do In Swakopmund, Namibia, Safari World Tours

At Namibia’s National Marine Aquarium, you may see a wide variety of marine creatures, including African penguins, ragged-tooth sharks, octopuses, green turtles, and many more. The gallery is open from 10 am to 4 pm every day except Monday and has an underwater boardwalk where visitors may get a good look at some of the tank’s bigger inhabitants.

6. Kristall Galerie

The Kristall Galerie is a crystal and gemstone gallery in Swakopmund, Namibia. Displayed therein are many precious stones, minerals, and crystals mined in Namibia and elsewhere throughout the globe. Rare and magnificent mineral specimens, fossils, and jewelry are on display and for sale at the gallery, providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience for visitors. In addition to showcasing a variety of minerals and gems, the Kristall Galerie also includes educational materials regarding geology, mineral formation, and the history of mining in Namibia. The Kristall Galerie in Swakopmund is a fantastic stop for any kind of tourist, whether you’re a collector, a geology buff, or simply someone who enjoys the wonders of nature.

26 Best Things To Do In Swakopmund, Namibia, Safari World Tours

7. Visit Good Restaurants with Sea Food

If you’re looking for a destination to eat that has fresh, tasty seafood, go no further than Swakopmund, where you’ll find a vast choice of eateries serving up seafood of all kinds. It’s possible to enjoy breathtaking views of the water from several of the restaurants since they’re either right on the beach or in close proximity to the water’s edge.

26 Best Things To Do In Swakopmund, Namibia, Safari World Tours

The Tug, one of the best seafood restaurants in Swakopmund, serves fish, prawns, and calamari that have all been caught locally and responsibly. The Jetty is another well-liked alternative; it offers a wide variety of seafood meals, such as grilled fish and seafood platters, as well as other food and drink options. The Yellow Restaurant is a fine dining option, serving upmarket seafood dishes made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients by the restaurant’s talented chefs.

8. Day Visit the Cape Cross seal colony on the Skeleton Coast

Visitors flock to the Cape Cross Seal Colony on Namibia’s Skeleton Coast. There are thousands of Cape fur seals living in this colony, making it the biggest of its kind in the world. One may visit the colony for the day and see the seals for themselves, learn about their habitat and behavior, and watch them interact with each other and their surroundings.

About 140 kilometers north of Swakopmund, in the Cape Cross Seal Colony, lies a readily accessible road. A walkway meanders through the seal colony, putting you in close proximity to the seals and letting you see them in their natural environment. There is information available on the colony’s past and the significance of current conservation efforts to preserve these remarkable creatures.

26 Best Things To Do In Swakopmund, Namibia, Safari World Tours

9. Day Visit to Spitzkoppe Mountains

Namibia, in southwest Africa, is home to the towering granite peaks known as Spitzkoppe. Day-trippers go there to marvel at the region’s rare geology, abundant animals, and pristine landscapes. Day trips to the Spitzkoppe Mountains often include a drive through the picturesque countryside and a stroll or trek to the top of one of the peaks for breathtaking vistas. Plants and animals, such as baboons, antelopes, and birds, are abundant in the area.

26 Best Things To Do In Swakopmund, Namibia, Safari World Tours

Climbing rocks and sleeping out under the stars are two more popular activities for tourists in addition to hiking and seeing the local fauna. Travelers interested in learning more about the geology and history of the region may take advantage of guided excursions offered by several service providers.

10. Visit Hohenzollernhaus

Here’s another colonial structure from Germany that’s well worth exploring. During its first century and a half, the Hohenzollern Building was a hotel and an administrative office. Today, it houses apartments. In 1983, the structure was designated as a National Monument. Even though tourists cannot enter the building these days, the elaborate external design features are well worth the trip.

26 Best Things To Do In Swakopmund, Namibia, Safari World Tours

11. Dolphin Watching tour

In order to see the dolphins in their native environment, tourists in Swakopmund often board boats to do so. Guides have extensive knowledge of dolphins and other species that may be seen over the course of the excursion, which may run for several hours. Common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, and spinner dolphins are just a few of the dolphin varieties that visitors may view. Visitors have a good possibility of seeing seals, whales, and other marine species, and they may often witness dolphins playing in the surf.

26 Best Things To Do In Swakopmund, Namibia, Safari World Tours

12. Walking Township Tour

Walking township tours take guests on a stroll around the neighborhoods of the townships, where they may get insight into the area’s rich history and culture. Visitors may meet the people and get a glimpse into their everyday life by joining a tour that stops at houses, community centers, and other interesting locations.

26 Best Things To Do In Swakopmund, Namibia, Safari World Tours

Guests may also participate in cultural events, including music, dance, and storytelling, and sample regional cuisine and beverages. Swakopmund’s walking township tours are a one-of-a-kind, genuine way to learn about the city’s residents and Namibia’s rich cultural heritage.

13. Overnight tour to Sossusvlei

The Namib Desert in Namibia is home to the surreal vistas and famous sand dunes of Sossusvlei. A typical Sossusvlei overnight trip includes desert camping so that visitors may take in the area’s stunning scenery both day and night. Daytime excursions include trips to Deadvlei, a salt and clay pan surrounded by old, dead acacia trees, and up the towering sand dunes for stunning views of the surrounding desert. They may enjoy the night sky without the glare of city lights by going out stargazing.

26 Best Things To Do In Swakopmund, Namibia, Safari World Tours

14. Overnight tour to Etosha National Park

There are many elephants, lions, and other large game species in the northern Namibian wildlife reserve known as Etosha National Park. Staying at a safari camp or lodge within Etosha National Park is a common part of any overnight visit to the park since it provides easy access to the many ecosystems and species that can be found there.

26 Best Things To Do In Swakopmund, Namibia, Safari World Tours

Guests may spend the day exploring for animals, including zebras, giraffes, cheetahs, and springboks, on guided game drives in open-air vehicles. In addition to its abundant wildlife, the park is home to a vast diversity of avian species because of its many different ecosystems, including grassy savannas and salt flats. After a day of exploring, guests may unwind with dinner and good company over a campfire.

15. Visit Woermannhaus

Located in Swakopmund, Namibia, lies the historic Woermannhaus. The German trade firm Woermann commissioned its construction in 1905, and it has been the city’s primary commercial and social center.

The Woermannhaus is an excellent introduction to colonial Namibia and the fascinating synthesis of German and African traditions that have formed there over the centuries. The structure, which is an example of German colonial architecture and is distinguished by its red brick exterior and exquisite decoration, has been painstakingly restored to its former glory.

26 Best Things To Do In Swakopmund, Namibia, Safari World Tours

These days, you may visit a museum showcasing the past of Swakopmund and the surrounding region, as well as a number of unique stores and restaurants, all located in the Woermannhaus. There are also guided tours available so that guests may get insight into the building’s historical and cultural value.

16. Visit the Jetty and Tuk Restaurant

In Swakopmund, Namibia, two of the most visited sites are the Jetty and Tuk Restaurant. Historical in nature, The Jetty is a wooden pier that protrudes into the Atlantic Ocean and provides breathtaking panoramas of the water and the shoreline. You may fish, take a walk, and breathe in some salty sea air at this famous destination.

An unforgettable meal may be had at the end of the Jetty at the Tuk Restaurant. On the menu, you’ll find a variety of dishes made using sustainable practices and fresh ingredients, including seafood and regional delicacies. Thanks to its prime position at the very end of the Jetty, the restaurant offers patrons spectacular views of the water and the lively port below.

26 Best Things To Do In Swakopmund, Namibia, Safari World Tours

17. Visit Dorob National Park

Dorob National Park has a wide variety of ecosystems to discover, from beaches and cliffs to deserts and swamps. Guided wildlife drives and walks allow visitors to look for desert-adapted elephants, flamingos, seals, and other birds.

26 Best Things To Do In Swakopmund, Namibia, Safari World Tours

Dorob National Park is not only a haven for wildlife, but it also has a variety of cultural and historical treasures, such as the remains of Himba towns, shipwrecks along the Skeleton Coast, and the world-famous Cape Cross Seal Reserve.

18. Guided Bicycle tour

Explore the beachfront city of Swakopmund, Namibia, and its surrounding area on a bicycle with a guided tour. In this gorgeous seaside village, tourists may take in the views and sounds while relaxing on a cycling tour led by local experts. The typical route includes the colonial-era architecture and German influences of the city’s historic core, as well as the seaside promenade and the Atlantic Ocean. The neighboring Jetty, Tuk Restaurant, and dunes may also be included in the itinerary, depending on the kind of trip you choose.

26 Best Things To Do In Swakopmund, Namibia, Safari World Tours

19. Mondesa township tour

Visitors to Mondesa may get a taste of local life and get insight into the town’s rich history and culture by participating in a Township Tour. A typical trip will take you into a few houses, a market, a community center, and a temple or mosque to learn more about the culture of the people of Mondesa.

26 Best Things To Do In Swakopmund, Namibia, Safari World Tours

Opportunities to meet locals and get insight into their lives and the difficulties they confront on a daily basis are also common features of the journey. The music and dancing of Mondesa are also significant parts of the city’s history and tradition, and tourists may be able to see some of these performances.

20. Swakopmund Camel Farm

In certain cases, tourists may even ride the camels across the desert scenery while feeding and interacting with the animals.

The Swakopmund Camel Farm is home to a number of camels as well as a small museum and gift store where visitors can learn more about the history and cultural importance of camels in Namibia and also buy unique, hand-made items.

21. Walvis Bay Boat cruise Day Visit

One of the best conducts to take in the beautiful shoreline and the many bird species that call the lagoon home is on a leisurely boat tour. Dolphin and seal viewing are optional extras on certain cruises, offering passengers an up-close encounter with these amazing animals.

26 Best Things To Do In Swakopmund, Namibia, Safari World Tours

Guests on a Walvis Bay Boat Cruise Day Trip may witness local animals, as well as stop at islands like Pelican Point to learn about the area’s history and see the famed lighthouse. The boat tour also includes a visit to Dunes 7, an unusual desert oasis that is home to a extensive range of plant and innate life.

22. Sandwich Habour Day Tour

Birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts both will enjoy the tour’s high likelihood of seeing animals, including seals, dolphins, and flamingos. In addition to experiencing the spectacular beauty of the lagoon and its surroundings, visitors will also get the chance to explore the sand dunes and learn about the local environment and culture.

26 Best Things To Do In Swakopmund, Namibia, Safari World Tours

Transportation, an informative guide, and refreshments are all part of the 4- to 5-hour trip. This is a wonderful occasion to learn about the biological and cultural heritage of Namibia while taking in the country’s stunning landscapes.

23. Rossmund Golf Course & Mini Golf

The Rossmund Golf Course and Mini Golf may be found in the city of Swakopmund, Namibia. There’s an 18-hole course, a 9-hole course, and a mini-golf course, so golfers of all ability levels may enjoy themselves there.

26 Best Things To Do In Swakopmund, Namibia, Safari World Tours

With its undulating hills, sand traps, and well-maintained greens, the championship course is sure to test even the most seasoned players. The nine-hole course is easier and more forgiving, making it ideal for novice and casual golfers; a nine-hole mini-golf course is a great place for families to have some lighthearted fun. Rossmund Golf Course & Mini Golf is more than just a place to play golf; it also offers a restaurant and bar where golfers can unwind with a meal and a drink after a game.

24. Kayaking in Walvis Bay Lagoon

Kayaking in Walvis Bay Lagoon is a favorite for tourists. Located on the edge of the Namib Desert, the lagoon is a beautiful and diverse ecosystem. Guests taking kayak tours of the lagoon and its environs may see dolphins, seals, and a wide diversity of bird species. They may take canoes or kayaks and explore the mangrove woods and the neighboring desert, taking in the spectacular scenery.

26 Best Things To Do In Swakopmund, Namibia, Safari World Tours

25. Visit the Snake Park

Pythons, cobras, vipers, chameleons, and even lizards and turtles may be seen at Snake Park, among many other reptile species. Animals may be seen in their natural settings, allowing guests to get insight into how various species have adapted to and interact with their environments.

26 Best Things To Do In Swakopmund, Namibia, Safari World Tours

Snake Park is more than just a collection of vivisected animals; it also has a museum and hands-on displays that provide visitors with a comprehensive introduction to the fascinating world of reptiles. Expert park rangers are happy to offer their insights and answer visitors’ inquiries.

26. Overnight Visit to Cheetah Sanctuary in Otjititongwe

Located in Otjitotongwe, Namibia, the Cheetah Sanctuary serves as a conservation and education facility for cheetahs and other animals. Visitors may spend the night at the refuge to get a better look at these gorgeous animals, as well as learn more about their biology, conservation efforts, and behavior.

26 Best Things To Do In Swakopmund, Namibia, Safari World Tours

Visitors may feed the cheetahs, pet them, and learn about the animal’s natural history and habitat while watching the animals play in large cages. Visitors may learn more about the cheetah and its role in the environment via the sanctuary’s educational programs and guided tours.

Cheetahs aren’t the only animals that call this refuge home; meerkats, reptiles, and birds all make their homes here as well. People interested in these intriguing animals and the conservation efforts being made to safeguard them may enjoy a guided tour of the sanctuary.


Q: What is the capital of the Erongo Region?

A: The capital of the Erongo Region is Swakopmund, which is home to approximately 34,000 inhabitants.

Q: Where is Swakopmund located?

A: Swakopmund is a coastal town in Namibia, located on the western coast of southern Africa.

Q: What is the best time of year to visit Swakopmund?

A: The best time to visit Swakopmund is during the cooler months of May to September, when the weather is mild and dry. This is also peak tourist season.

Q: What are some popular tourist attractions in Swakopmund?

A: Popular tourist attractions in Swakopmund include the Swakopmund Museum, the Kristall Galerie, the Swakopmund Jetty, and the Namib Desert.

Q: What kind of activities can you do in Swakopmund?

A: Swakopmund offers a wide range of activities for visitors, including sandboarding, quad biking, camel riding, hot air ballooning, and skydiving. Water-based activities such as surfing, kayaking, and fishing are also popular.

Q: What is the currency used in Swakopmund?

A: The currency used in Swakopmund is the Namibian dollar (NAD), although South African rand (ZAR) is also widely accepted.

Q: What is the language spoken in Swakopmund?

A: The official language of Namibia is English, but other languages such as Afrikaans, German, and various indigenous languages are also spoken in Swakopmund.

Q: How do you get to Swakopmund?

A: Swakopmund has its own airport with regular domestic flights from Windhoek, as well as international connections. It can also be reached by road, either by car or bus.

Q: How can one book these activities

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