White water rafting

No safari to Africa would be complete without truly experiencing the rivers


Like adventure? Then try to fit in a white rafting trip in Uganda or Zambia/Zimbabwe. Considered one of the best one day white water trips in the world, no safari to Africa would be complete without truly experiencing the Nile or Zambezi river.

Age Restrictions

Minimum age: The minimum age for rafting is typically 15 years old. However, the management reserves the right to consider younger children if they display the required maturity, strength, and can fit a lifejacket securely.

Maximum age: There is no maximum age limit for rafting on the Zambezi River. However, the local partner retains the right to refuse participation to individuals who are deemed unfit or unable to cope with the physical demands of the activity.

Rafting on the Zambezi River

The Zambezi River, flowing through the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls, presents a magnificent sight with its mile-long curtain of water cascading over basalt rock and plunging into the canyons below. These basalt rock walls form a remarkable river corridor and serve as the domain of the Nyaminyami, the River God of the Tonga people. Our rafts navigate this remarkable “highway” within the gorges, which deepen from over 100 meters at the Falls to more than 200 meters at the end of a full-day rafting trip. Despite the rugged terrain, the gorges below the Falls are lush with vegetation, creating an incredibly spectacular setting.

Considered some of the wildest white water in the world, rafting on the Zambezi River is an adrenaline-pumping adventure that should not be missed. The rapids on the Zambezi are officially classified as “Grade 5” by the British Canoe Union (with Grade 6 being commercially un-runnable). Participants should have a reasonable level of fitness for this activity as it involves a steep walk into and out of the Batoka Gorge, in addition to the white water rafting experience itself.

For convenience, all guests will be picked up from their respective hotels and taken to The Lookout Café for a comprehensive briefing. Please remember to bring your vouchers for check-in. It is advised not to bring valuables, jewelry, or passports on the rafting trip. Leave them safely stored in your hotel. At the check-in area, a safekeeping facility is available for valuables, although they are left at your own risk.

Rafting on the Nile River, Uganda

Nile River Explorers is the exclusive provider of a thrilling combination trip that includes a full-day rafting experience, a giant water slide, floating platform, and riverboarding on the Nile River. This exhilarating white water adventure is considered one of the best one-day rafting trips in the world, offering a unique opportunity to truly experience the Nile from its source. It’s an unforgettable addition to any safari or visit to Uganda.

White Water in Namibia

Namibia offers a variety of options for water-based adventures, catering to both those seeking relaxing game viewing opportunities and those craving the excitement of white water rafting. The Kunene River in the north and the Orange River in the south are the main rivers used for rafting in Namibia. Each river provides a distinct experience for intrepid explorers, ensuring that everyone can find their desired water-based adventure in Namibia.

What to Wear

When preparing for your rafting adventure, it is recommended to wear a swimsuit and shorts or cycling shorts, but avoid loose items that could be swept away by the water. Ensure you have a way to secure your glasses to yourself to prevent them from being lost. For sun protection, bring a t-shirt or a long-sleeved shirt. Sunscreen and lip balm are essential, and your guides will have a dry bag available for storage. Wear sturdy shoes or trainers, or specifically designed rafting shoes, as flip-flops are not suitable and may be lost. A comfortably fitting peak cap that can be worn under a helmet is also recommended. During the winter months, wetsuits will be

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