The Zulu tribe

The Zulu tribe and their culture

Zulu culinary are mainly vegetarian dishes that predominantly consists of vegetables and grain. Starch is a dietary staple and they take form in pap (porridge) and beer. Maize, pumpkins and potatoes are common ingredients used to in traditional dishes. Oxen are only slaughtered on special occasions such as weddings and coming of age ceremonies.


Drums are an essential part of Zulu celebrations and it is always accompanied by dancing and chanting. The ingungu is played to celebrate the start of a young woman’s first menstruation. There are a number of dances in Zulu culture that celebrates different areas of life. The hunting dance symbolizes the bravery it requires to hunt by imitating the movements of hunters. The dance is performed during ceremonies before warriors go out to hunt. To avoid injury, sticks are used instead of spears. The dance of the small shield is a rhythmic dance that encourages military unity and it is normally performed at royal occasions.


Like many cultures, the Zulu people believe that life doesn’t end with death but continues in the spiritual world. Death is seen as a person’s deeper connection with all creation. Every person who dies within the Zulu tribe must be buried the traditional way. If not done the traditional way, the deceased may become a wandering spirit. An animal is slaughtered as a ritual. The deceased’s personal belongings are buried with them to aid them in their journey.

The Zulu people are a very dynamic people and you need to visit them.

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