Tembe Elephant Park

Tembe Elephant Park is a place for all elephant lovers. This is one of only a handful couple of spots in Africa and the only place in South Africa where you can even now observe a portion of the staying incredible huge tuskers meander openly.

Tembe’s 300 km2 (190 sq. miles), contain a mosaic of interesting sand timberland, forest, field, and swampland.

The recreation center secures the biggest elephant crowd a KwaZulu-Natal which is additionally the main staying indigenous group in the area

The Big Five additionally locate their home here – lion, panther, highly contrasting rhino and wild ox. Tembe is home to an abundance of natural life including panther, hippo and an incredible choice of elands, for example, the little suni, one of the littlest and rarest impalas on the planet.

Birding at Tembe is on a standard with some of South Africa’s prime birding spots. In excess of 340 types of aviary fauna have been documented, including the rare Rudd’s Apalis, Rufous-bellied night heron, Natal nightjar and the Woodward’s batis.

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