Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park acquired its name as the Tarangire River crosses this park. This river has freshwater for animals. Tarangire Park has zebras and wildebeest. Tarangire National Park has a wonderful birding destination. During the dry season, it features a game in large numbers as Tarangire River is the water source only area. The landscape has scenic baobab trees in high numbers.

Places of attraction

Superb game viewing

Tarangire National Park features a characteristic skyline and offers superb game viewing as the backdrop. This is to the peak in the winter months. The marshes dry out during the dry season haul elephants in herds, besides antelope, buffalo, and other plains game. Frequently spotted are the lion and other predators. There is a huge variety of bird species. Walking safaris are conducted offering an immersing experience.


A vast land of 2850 sq. km covers the park area surface. It gives its habitat underground streams during dry river beds that elephants, zebras come for it. The lagoons, gazelle, eland, kudu, impala, smaller mammals, and hartebeest buffalo are also found around. Spotted regularly are the antelope, fringe-eared Oryx, and long-necked gerenuk.


Enjoy spotting exclusive and colorful batch of bird species. There are more than 550 bird species housed and spread over Tarangire. Bird lovers will find Tarangire a beautiful safari destination. Even when it is dry, the vegetation is thick presenting mixed woodland and acacia shrubs. Huge baobab trees are making your birding safari trip unforgettable.

Go walking

Walking is a great option offering more learning experience that you can spot animals within the bush and at close range. See the world visiting Masaai that has ancient paintings in the neighborhood.

Things to Do

Among the things to do you can:

How to access the place

There are 4 ways to reach Tarangire National Park from Tanzania and it is bus, train, taxi or car. No direct connection, but follow these routes:

Best time to Visit

Located close to the equator, four seasons are experienced by Tanzania as in North America or Europe.