Ssese Islands

Ssese Islands:

Ssese Islands has 84 islands along with Lake Victoria’s Northwestern shore that boasts some of the stunning white-sand beaches.

Most of the guesthouses on the beach offer nigh bonfires for extra fun. It is also a great way to relax with a few drinks after enjoying beautiful Ssese’s famous sunsets.

Ssese Islands has located around 90 km from Kampala. These islands are coterminous with the Kalangala District in southern Central Uganda that does not have any territory on mainland Uganda.

On these islands, there are so many things to see. If you are done with everything on the Ssese Islands, then you can visit Bugala or Balabala, where you can discover even more unforgettable places.

Ssese Islands occupy the Northwestern corner of Lake Victoria which is the second-largest freshwater lake in the world.

There are numerous outdoor adventures around the Ssese Islands that you shouldn’t miss. Dare to climb and hike. Ssese Islands convinces travelers with all kinds of relaxing activities, such as bird watching and wildlife watching.

All you need is a thirst for knowledge and a booked place on one of the numerous tours. For example guided nature walks, animal watching tours and safaris. Activities like these are ideal for getting to know a new culture.

Having fun in the water is simply a must for most guests in this region. Swimming and rafting are the most popular water sports here.

The economic activity of the Ssese Islands is fishing for the huge Nile Perch. Other industries include tourism, forestry, and agriculture.

Have fun at the celebrations across the country on October 9th: then it’s Independence Day.

There are a thousand good reasons for traveling to foreign regions. The attraction of the new and the distance from everyday life are just two of them. As a travel lover, you will be happy in the Ssese Islands and you will not want to miss this experience with many expensive memories in your luggage.

Ssese Islands are also home to different types of animals including primates. These animals are not accessible easily on this mainland.

Things to do:

– Nature and Parks

– Forest walk

– Swimming

– Squad biking

– Fishing

– Cycling

– Beach Volleyball

What are the attractions?

– Buggala Island

– Safari destinations

– Kihumuro Cave

– Nightlife

How to access the place?

The nearest airport, Entebbe International is 55 km north of Ssese Islands. The best and popular route to get there is through Nakiwogo near Entebbe by MV Kalangala which is the main gateway to this archipelago. Transfer between Nakiwogo and Bugala generally takes 3 and half hours.

If you are coming from Bukakata: A free car ferry is available from western Uganda that links Bukakata mainland which is located 36 km east of Masaka with Luku on the Bugala Islands that takes about 50 minutes of sailing. Note: Ferries sail either directions every few hours from early morning and it runs till late afternoon. The morning trips on Sunday are not available.

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