Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve

The Selous Game Reserve located in southern Tanzania is a protected area, covering 50,000 km² in total. This is a UNESCO World Heritage. It has a variety of wildlife habitats.  Game drives along the lakes, river and bushes edges conjure extra special magic over the lakes, once the sun goes down.

Places of attractions

This untrammeled vast tract bush supports the most prodigious wildlife and it is estimated to have 70,000 elephants, 150,000 buffalo, 50,000 puku antelope, 1300 African wild dogs, 8000 sable antelope, 40,000 hippo, and 4000 lions as the largest species populations.

Rivers and Channels

A walking safari is enjoyable and is very special in the Selous game reserve. There are hot volcanic springs, channels and sporadic lakes from the rivers nearby such as Rufiji and Great Rhuha. There are Tanzania Elephants big herds attracted to River Rufiji. In the Tanzania safaris, along the Rufiji River are the boat trips.

Wildlife and Birding

Selous Game Reserve hosts more than 350 species of reptiles and birds. The elephant’s concentration on the continent is prominent.

Apart from elephants, there are hippopotamus and rhinos. A vast range of the game is in the Selous game reserve including Nyasaland gnu, brindled gnu, eland, greater kudu, sable antelope, hartebeest, waterbuck, giraffe, warthog, zebras, reedbuck, lion, hunting dog, leopard, spotted hyena, and large populations of buffalo.

Other activities

These activities may include photographic safaris, guided bush walks, Game drives on a labyrinthine complex interconnecting channel and five lakes, fantastic birdlife watching and thrilling game walks.

Things to Do

The Selous Game Reserve offers a fascinating safari destination. The park’s widest diversity enhances the safari activities and standard game drives.

How to access


From the Reserve northern side, you can watch from the train window the wildlife. Alight at Kisaki or Matambwe, or even at Fuga and Kinyanguru stations. Take train from Dar es Salaam to Selous.

Car & Motorcycle

Consider a 4WD offering high clearance. No vehicle rental is at the reserve and motorcycles are not permitted.


It takes from Dar es Salaam around six hours. A bus runs daily taking seven to nine hours.

Best time to visit

Southern Tanzania receives rains from November to May, blocking access, yet the wilderness offers a year-round feel.

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