No experience needed


Fancy a day of adventure in Swakopmund, Namibia? Sandboarding is excellent for inexperienced boarders also. The sand is softer than snow and a bit slower than snow, so it gives the boarder a chance to get their balance on the board. The experienced instructors will teach them balance techniques first and when balance is achieved they will start working on turn techniques. By the end of the morning the beginning sandboarder will feel confident with their riding and their equipment and can take their newly learned skills to the snow.

Sandboarding is an exhilarating activity that combines the thrill of snowboarding with the unique terrain of sand dunes. With professional instructors accompanying participants at all times, safety is ensured throughout the experience.

There are two options for sandboarding: lie-down and stand-up boarding. Both options cater to different preferences and skill levels, and no prior experience is necessary. In the lie-down option, participants have access to six different slopes, offering varied levels of difficulty. Speed enthusiasts can reach exhilarating speeds of up to 80km/h, providing the ultimate adrenaline rush.

For those who prefer a more upright experience, stand-up sandboarding is the way to go. Similar to snowboarding, this option allows participants to carve their way down the dunes, adding a unique twist to the traditional snowboarding experience. There are two slopes available, each offering various runs to cater to different skill levels and provide an exciting challenge.

Whether you choose lie-down or stand-up sandboarding, the experience guarantees smiles and an adrenaline-pumping adventure. With the beautiful desert surroundings as your backdrop, sandboarding offers a fun-filled morning outing or a memorable day of excitement.

Prepare to enjoy the freedom and exhilaration of sliding down the sandy slopes, surrounded by stunning landscapes. Sandboarding is an activity that will leave you with lasting memories, a sense of achievement, and an undeniable desire for more thrilling adventures.

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