Samburu National Reserve:

Samburu National Reserve in Kenya offers an off beaten path. It has plenty of creatures and as a safari destination, it is rewarding. You can enjoy game viewing and other experiences.

Places of attraction

Bird watching and Game viewing

The Samburu climate and geography assure wildlife viewing in lots, particularly with the dry season. It is a paradise for bird lovers.

River rafting

Enjoy river rafting in an inflatable raft as easy river safari on the Ewaso Ng’iro.

Visit the People of Samburu

The Samburu people are herding, nomadic people related to the Maasai. They dress with beads and blankets. Visit Samburu village, meet people, learn their lifestyle and buy some souvenirs.

Buffalo Springs Reserve

There is Buffalo Springs near the Samburu Reserve.  You can see wildlife similarly near Champagne Ride, an ancient lava terrace.

Shaba National Reserve

To the east of Samburu and Buffalo Springs is Shaba Reserve. Greener than Samburu, the reserve is an area of dramatic forests, woodlands and volcanic formations, especially the Shaba Hill Volcano.

Things to do

Ride a camel

The lifeline of Samburu is the Ewaso Nyiro River meandering through Samburu National Reserve. It leaves a lush pasture trail for thousands of species. A Samburu guide allows riding a camel along the river banks. The national camel derby is conducted and participating in derby is exciting.

Mingle with Samburu people

Discover the fascinating culture of Samburu people and their nomadic style of life, besides participating in activities such as goading cattle, milking goats, and making traditional ornaments.

Discover rare five species

The highlight of a game drive is in spotting rare five such as the Somali ostrich, the Beisa Oryx, the reticulated giraffe, gerenuk, and Grevy’s zebra. Explore the wildlife sanctuaries namely, Shaba, Samburu National Reserve, and Buffalo Spring reserves.

Climb Mount Ol Lolokwe

The Mt. Ol Lolokwe takes five or more hours to hike and you will be rewarded with unprecedented county views.

Attend Lmuget ceremony

The Samburu has auspicious celebrations known as Lmuget. This is a ceremony taking place once in seven years. It is celebrated with friends and families. Visiting Samburu Lmuget will entertain you.

Discover singing Wells

Samburu takes their livestock to the wells to dig up to water the troughs. They call their animals with a family tune and the livestock recognizes the tunes. The Samburu gathers at a watering- place to socialize or stroll in the evening to the wells. You can see how the livestock pay heed to the family tunes.

How to access

Getting there:

By road – Book a tour from Nairobi.

By air – Daily flights are there from Nairobi to reach Oryx Samburu airstrip.

There are direct flights from Laikipia and to get a road transfer. Flying between destinations offers more time on safari.

Best time to visit

Samburu is a destination to visit year-round destination. The best time to visit is

  • The mid-year winter when it is drier and cooler
  • June to October is the peak safari season.

Dry conditions give the animals a reason to move and for tourists to see them close to the Ewaso Niro River.

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