Pemba Island

Pemba Island is off the East Africa coast, a Tanzania’s Zanzibar Archipelago part. It is known for its clove plantations and green, lush hills. It has coral reefs and is plentiful with marine life. Chake Chake is the main town and Misali Island offshore, houses a rare colorful bird, the Fischer’s turaco. Pemba is a pristine island untouched that fertility and great beauty is retained.

Places of attraction

Visit Misali Island

Get to Misali taking from Wesha a boat. Arrange excursions from your place of stay. The Pemba Conservation Area covers the entire west coast of Pemba. All snorkelers, divers, and beachgoers should pay a fee for admission.

On entering there are stunning coral reefs and crystal waters. Misali offers the best diving experiences, while snorkeling can be reached easily from the beach.  You can find turtles nesting across the beaches.

 Kidike Flying Fox Sanctuary

Kidike can be found close to the Kangagani village, which is around 2km east between Wete and Chake Chake. The Kidike Sanctuary houses a range of wildlife and the highlight is the Pemba flying foxes and a large bat.

Ngezi Forest Reserve

To the Pemba Northeastern side is Ngezi Forest Reserve. It is dense and indigenous forest, close to the rainforest. It is close to the rainforest and the forest has vines offering swings to vervet raucous monkeys.

Bird enthusiasts may come for a treat and taking specific birdwatching is the easier route. You can go on night walks and keen birdwatchers may spot the Pemba scops-owl.

Pemba Channel Conservation Area

All snorkelers and divers need to pay an entry fee, but on seeing the clear waters and stunning beaches you will forget the entry fee paid.

Pemba Museum

Hit the Pemba museum. It will have displays and a well-organized museum filled with Omani fort of 18th-century and a Portuguese garrison of the 16th-century.  Check at the ruins to have a better understanding.

Rain Forrest & Spice Farm Tour

The spice islands offer the true smell and taste here on Pemba Island. Walk for 45 minutes through the Ngezi Rainforest and see home to bird species, black, and vervet colobus monkeys, besides flora and fauna.

Things to do

  • Foodie choices give a trip to your taste buds. Ahaabna, a no-frills restaurant specializes in offering rice with fish or chicken. Times Restaurant for pizza, fish, rice and chicken curry.
  • Snorkeling at Pemba Island has the top diving locations. The visibility is good for divers.
  • Grab sun at Vumawimbi beach. This is an isolated spot, enjoy idyllic views.

How to access

Pemba can be reached by air. There are daily scheduled charters and flights from Zanzibar Island and Dar es Salaam.

Ferry service is available at a cheaper price.  For local getting around use dala-dalas or minibuses.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit is from July to late October as it is the dry season. In case you miss that season, consider November. There may be a few showers.


  • First-time divers stay away with snorkeling as at Pemba the currents are strong.
  • High-speed wi-fi is a struggle anywhere throughout Pemba. 

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