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How to Pay for your Tour or Transfer with Wise using Debit or Credit card to Safari World Tours (Pty)

Wise (formerly TransferWise) is a UK-based foreign exchange financial technology company that allows sending and receiving money from anywhere in the world (Internationally).

Step 1: Sign up with Wise. ( 

We’ll ask for your email address, and you’ll create a password. You can also sign up by connecting to your Google or Facebook account. 

Tip: If you already have a Wise account, go to Home on the website and choose Send money, or tap Send on the app, to set up a transfer. 

Step 2: Type in how much you’d like to transfer.

You can start with the amount you’d like to send, or how much you’d like your recipient to get.

Tip: If it’s important that your recipient gets an exact amount, type that amount into the Recipient gets box. We’ll automatically tell you how much you need to send.

Step 3: Let us know what kind of transfer you’re making.

If you’re paying in from a personal bank account, it’s a Personal transfer.

Step 4: Fill in your details.

We’ll ask for your personal details, like your address. We need this info to comply with finance regulations, but we’ll never share it.

Step 5: Use the Bank Details Provided on Proforma Invoice or Quote.

Please do make use of the bank deatails and not the email address of the company.


  • Bank Name: Standard Bank Limited Namibia
  • Account Name: Safari World Tours (Pty) 
  • Branch: Rehoboth, Windoek Namibia
  • Business Account no: 60004311530
  • Branch code:080871
  • Bank Address: Rehoboth, Windoek Namibia
  • Privatebag/Post Box: 3327
  • Post Code: 9000

Step 6: Review the details of your transfer

Make sure everything looks right. Please add use your Full Name as reference .

Step 7: Choose your transfer type and how to pay ( Swift or Wire)

We’ll let you know the fees for each option, and how long it should take the money to arrive.

NB: Please don’t choose ACH

Tip: It’s often cheapest to pay from your bank account. This means you’ll have to go to your online banking or your branch, and then send the money to Wise.

That’s it!

After we’ve received your money, we’ll confirm the transfer via email, or in the app. And we’ll also let you and your recipient know when the money’s on its way.

For more information click this link: 

Payment Limits

So with Debit and credit card payments you can only pay upto USD2000 Per day so if your payment is more then USD 2000 you can do Wire Transfer which will eventually also be more cheaper or else you can opt to pay twice to complete the payment

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