Malindi is at the axis of idyllic tropical beaches giving visitors a range of relaxing hideaways. To the south of it is Watamu the sleepy village featuring wide white beaches. Malindi is a port town prominent for its architecture, fresh seafood, sunny weather, laid-back atmosphere, and pristine beaches. This is a tranquil haven and has lots of places of attraction and things to do.

Places of attraction

Gedi Ruins

This is one of the great mysteries in Kenya. It is on the Indian Ocean on an idyllic location. It is buried deep in the forest and the town is founded in the early 13th century. There is evidence that it is a well-established town showing incredible development.

Bio Ken Snake Park

This is a research center dealing with snakes and other reptiles. It takes hardly 5 minutes to reach from Watamu hotels. It has the largest snake’s collection and is located outside at 35 minutes’ drive. Malindi allows seeing some slithery creatures.

Kipepeo project

Kipepeo markets mouth pupae and butterfly, besides other lives insects silk cloth and honey, produced. The live insects are hatched and exported or displayed globally in the insect parks. The nature-based products with the Kipepeo project coordinates, sales, production and ascertains the monitoring and training the insects are done by raising it on-farm as a sustainable manner. You can check to make some naturally made goodies purchase.

The Falcony

This destination is about collecting birds and the tourists will see a variety of bird species open withing the park. The birds include Owls, Eagles, Pecker and Falcons. Adventurous tourists can have an amazing experience. In the Falcony, there is a fascinating animal, a 200 years old large tortoise. It is huge and is fed bananas by tourists. There is a snake chamber and Falcony parades a variety of snakes such as Cobra, Python, Green Mamba, and others.

There are many more places worth visiting such as the Takwa ruins, Vasco da Gama’s pillar, Sawa Sawa dhow excursions, The Portuguese Church, and West National Parks.

Things to do

  • Shopaholics can visit and shop for many interesting things such as vintage furnishings and antiques at the Nafisa store. For more artistic and bigger souvenir carvings, Mizizi Ya Afrika is suitable. There are lots inside this treasure trove from silk purses to old Kenyan iron, sundresses and hipster trousers to sop at Karen Blixen Vintage Shop. Kipepeo for sandals, kaftans, lingerie, and Italian bikinis.
  • Foodies can enjoy the Baby Marrow restaurant for its leafy setting. There are house specialties such as pizza Bianca, smoked sailfish, and Sicilian ice cream. I Love Pizza is a place that is good for pasta and seafood. ‘Jahizi’ is an eating place for fish, big oysters, juices, and a wine list.

How to access

  • It takes a one-hour flight to cover from Nairobi or by car it takes around nine hours.
  • Getting around is possible with Matatus service and regular buses. Taxis are found everywhere.

Best time to visit

The months of August and September are the best months to travel as they are the dry months. To be precise about the best month it is good to visit even between Mid-November to Mid-April and again Mid-August to Mid-October.

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