Kisumu City has great cultural, geographic, and natural diversity. There are plenty of activities to indulge and places of attraction to visit. Travelers dreaming of visiting an unknown destination may consider this tourist path that offers the thrill of discovery and unexpected sights, experiences, and sounds.

Places of attractions

Dunga Hill Camp

Dunga Hill camp is located on the Lake Victoria shores. This is a place to set as one of the leisure destinations. It is ideal camping or picnic venue. It is also suitable as a pastime with friends. You can go on kayaks and enjoy at the lake’s horizon the sunset view. Go out fishing or watch hippos.

Impala Sanctuary

The Kisumu Impala Sanctuary provides home within Kisumu city for threatened Impalas. The sanctuary is the smallest wildlife preserves in Kenya. It offers a safe area for hippos grazing from the lake. The focus of Impalas and zebras is to roam freely. The sanctuary is a peaceful and shady place offering plenty of picnic areas and birdlife near the lake. The sanctuary offers an ideal refuge and is open throughout the year.

Note: The sanctuary timing is from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Kit Mikayi

This is a large rock at 29km with three rocks on top. It poses as a woman with her load on the back. It is a place revealing a lot of myths and stories and is entertaining as it is now a worshiping abode for the Legio Maria sect.

Hippo Point

This is an open viewing area of 600 acres to view the occasional hippos. It offers an unobstructed view of the sunset. Enjoy a boat ride, go out fishing, during weekends enjoy with friends here as it is an ideal getaway spot within the city.

The Kisumu Museum

This museum is small but has an exhibit gallery. It includes traditional adornment and clothing, fishing gear, basketry, hunting weaponry, and agricultural tools. On display are a lion, the largest Nile Perch, and De Brazza monkey. There are many pavilions with live animals, numerous aquaria, etc.

Things to do

Kisumu has lots to offer and a few things to do include:

  • Go to Lwang’ Ni Beach as it is a good fishing spot. Taste tilapia fish. Order ugali and fish, it is a must.
  • Go to the Kisumu market for fresh vegetables and foods. Buy handmade items such as carvings, bags, and souvenirs.
  • Go bird watching or on game drives at Ruma National Park.

There are 2 movie theatres, enjoy watching movies. Dance your night away in the nightclubs. There are Megacity Mall first floor and the United Mall amusement arcades.

How to access

There are 4 ways to reach to Kisumu from Malawi by bus, plane, car or train.

  • Fly in 5h 57m from Lilongwe
  • The bus or train takes 3 days 14 h
  • Alternatively, fly from Blantyre in 4h 32 m
  • Driving takes 39h 42m.

Getting around in the local areas is possible through (bicycle taxi) Boda Boda, matatus, buses, (motorcycle taxis) piki piki, or a rental car.

Best time to visit

There is ideal weather in Kisumu and the warmest are the hottest months from January to March.

  • The best months in Kisumu as good weather are January, February, March, and December.
  • The warmest months are January to March
  • The rainiest month is May.

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