Hell’s Gate National Park: 

Hells Gate National Park is located in the Lake Naivasha, covering 68.25 square km area and 90 km from Nairobi. This park is after the turnoff around14 km from the Nairobi-Naivasha highway(old).

It features geological scenery and diverse topography. It houses the lammergeyer (The Bearded Vulture).

Hell’s Gate features two gates, the Olkaria Gate and the Elsa Gate. The former Gate serves the Geothermal Station that is within the National Park.

Places of attraction

The park has a lot to offer, and the features to look out for include:

Fisher’s Tower and Central Tower

Fisher’s and Central Tower, both are more than 25mt high. They are formed using a molten rock making its way to the surface through a fissure.  These towers offer perfect viewing of bird nesting sites, volcanic towers, and striated cliff faces.

 Lower Gorge (Ol Njorowa)

This Gorge of Hell’s Gate is the most fascinating attractions. Hell’s Kitchen is in the gorge and has steam jets gushing from the ground and this is because of the geothermal energy. Walking inside takes you to the ‘devils’ bedroom’. Hiking is fun here, but during the rainy season, it is not encouraged as the flash-floods on gorge floors feature a threatening nature.

 The Obsidian Caves

Unique glass-like rocks were found in the caves and it formed with molten lava coming into contact. The dark or black-green color is formed by magnesium and iron.  The caves have a track leading to Kedong Plains and Fischer Tower around Mt. Longonot.   These caves are the best places for getaways and family picnics.

Things to do

  • Game Drives: This national Park has a range of wild animals and the drives are calmer wild animal lovers can watch the animals and capture beautiful moments.
  • Hiking: This is a preferred activity on the weekends as many flocks to take a break from their busy city life. If you enjoy the water, and its calming effects, walk through the Gorge.
  • Rock climbing. This is popular and skilled climbers can get into this thrill. Hiking gear is not required.
  • Bird watching. There are more than 100 species of birds. The vultures, Chinspot Batis, Yellow seedeater, Golden-winged Sunbird, Imperial eagle, etc.

How to access

Kenya has 3 international airports. Numerous carriers and so it is easy. Kenya roadways are good to reach from Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Somalia. Entry by sea is convenient, and immigration to be processed.

By road

This National Park is 18 km from the town. The drive takes 2 hours and taking public transport is a great way of going around the city.

By Air

Most flights land at the Jomo Kenyatta Airport (JKIA). Land at Loldia airstrip and take a taxi to start your adventure with Hell’s Gate National Park.

Best time to visit

At Hells Gate, wildlife is fun and is between June and October. The scenery is the best from March to May in the wet seasons.

  • The best time to visit for general wildlife viewing is from June to March.
  • The high season is highly visited during Christmas and school holidays.

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