Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam in Tanzania is the largest city and houses a range of cultures and people. It is popular for its islands, beaches, music, and seafood. The city has various activities to suit the need of tourists.

Places of attraction

Places of attraction in Dar es Salaam are:

National Museum

Visiting the National Museum as well as the House of Culture is a must to view early humans’ fossils. Witness traditional ornaments, instruments, and other things revealing the culture.

Village Museum

Walk and explore the tribal people and participate in tribal dances, understand how they weave and live.

Bongoyo Island

Bongoyo Island has white sand beaches and it is a great place to sunbathe, swim or explore corals. People loving seafood can get fresh seafood from the sea.

Oyster Bay

This is also known as Coco Beach. You get street food and people loving music can enjoy here.

Kivukoni Fish Market

Visit the market if you are an early bird and you will cherish the experience. The auction for fish is worth seeing. Forego this experience, if you cannot handle the smell. If so, visit for seafood in the noon.

Askari Monument

Visiting Dar es Salaam is incomplete without visiting the Askari Monument. The Askari warrior statue holding a rifle to the sea is a must-see. He fought in World War I. It is a popular landmark that you can know the exact center of Dar es Salaam.

Things to do

  • Boutique Shopping. Go to the Slipway and there are boutiques selling quality and stylish clothing. There are a hotel, an excellent bookshop, and a supermarket selling ingredients.
  • Tanzanite Jewelry. Tanzanite is a lovely gemstone found as the rarest. There are many places in Dar es Salaam to buy. It is priced competitively and the stones are breathtaking. Except for Sundays, you can shop all the other days.
  • Kunduchi Water Park. Going outing and enjoying water rides is fun. The park is open up to 6 pm from 9 am. Enjoy plunging slides to lazy River.

How to access

Generally, getting to Dar es Salaam fast is through flights. Arriving by air means you are mindful of the local airlines connecting domestic destinations.

Private flights are available connecting the National Parks.

Taxis are spread all over. Registered taxis are safe and accessible. There will be white cars bearing a three-digit number and a yellow stripe.

Tuk-Tuks and boda bodas (the motorbike taxis) are the cheaper options.

Buses are cheap to move around Tanzania. Knowing the Swahili language helps.

Trains are comfortable and safe.

Best time to visit

  • The best time to visit is from late June to October, as the country is dry.
  • Though the equatorial weather is almost the same throughout the year. Yet, it is believed that visiting from June to October, and mid-December to March is considered the best.


While traveling in a taxi determine the cost before and if the taxi passes a toll stop, the taxi driver pays the toll and not you.

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