Here’s how; BIG 5 can be witnessed in Africa!

Big Five are one of the most heard creatures, especially if you have gone on an African safari Rhinoceroses, African buffalo, elephants, lions, and leopards are well-known wildlife and the Big Five. The term “Big Five” originated in the late 1800s when there was a time of African colonial period. At this time, these animals were considered as most difficult and challenging to hunt.

They are usually found in the southern and Eastern parts of Africa. They are not named Big 5 due to their size or weight, but the real reason is their tough time, which they give to their hunter, which makes them big five hunts. Their difficulty in hunting can also be explained in the way that those who can hunt them are rewarded with big trophies and prizes. Their hunt is still very common, which raises the issue that they will become the rarest species, but thankfully, the program and awareness protection for these species are spreading day by day.


Big Five animals were usually at the best African safari in which Kruger National Park is located in South Africa and is also the largest reserve for the 147 mammal species of the world, Tanzania- Serengeti and Ngoro Ngoro Crater There are the grass plains where these mammals where located. Visit between July and September led you to witness the pride of lions and African elephants.

Namibia -Etosha National Park and Waterberg Plateau Park where you can find out all the big 5.Botswana Safari Tours. From July to October all across Africa, you can visit this region to find out the best vision for the Big 5.

July and October were considered ideal due to the reason that there was a lack of rain, so small ponds and streams were dry and animals had to stay near the large rivers for the buffalo and elephants you can find them near Botswana and Namibia. The grass there was also dried in winter, so you can easily sort them with small grassland and the voice of dry leaves.


Here’s how; BIG 5 can be witnessed in Africa!, Safari World Tours

The Ngroro Ngoro Crater:

It is the place where you can easily enjoy the classic experience of watching Big 5 with the unique setting of Caldera of the Ancient Volcano setting. They are filled with a diverse range of habitats for the 30,000-plus animals. Indeed the experience there will be the most memorable and best experience of a visitor’s life.

Madikwe Private Game Reserve:

The best place to spot the Big Five on the safari is where this place is endangered by the highly African wild dogs. The best part is it is the Malaria safari region which you can visit without any tension.

Sabi Sand Game Reserve:

it is the region of the Reserve of 150 plus mammal species, and Big 5 included Big 5. There is a record of having 500 birds and also a whopping of trees consisting of 336 species. Sabi Sand is very well known for the sightings of profiling Leopards. The vegetarian region of the land gives a sufficient amount of food for white rhino, hyena, and nyala.

The Kruger National Park:

This region has a higher density of the Big 5 and hundreds of other animals. Game their home there. There is also the presence of diverse species like storks, mountains, and Bush plains.


1-Africa Lion ( Panthera Leo):

Here’s how; BIG 5 can be witnessed in Africa!, Safari World Tours

They are big social cats. They are considered to be cats that don’t have a proper social hierarchy. There are the female dominant species where one male can be the king, and it can be changed at any time. Females hold the responsibility of the territories. It shows in the movie where a character named “Simba ” is “his mother run the territories. Loins are among the largest mammals after mammals from about 10,000 years ago.

Found at:

  • Zambia in the park of South Luangwa National Park.
  • Tanzania in the Serengeti National Park.
  • Kenya, the Mara.
  • Sabi Sand Game Reserve
  • Kruger National Park, South Africa.

How to capture their perfect photograph:

To get the perfect shot, you need to be very patient and attentive while taking a shot. They usually take a rest in the morning and hunt at night. Some reserves offer the night drive. Where you can get a chance to shoot them in the active mode while hunting, and playing. Cubs are usually observed to be in light mode in the daytime as compared to adults, and they are very cute and amazing to be captured in the zoom mode.

2-Rhinoceros (Diceros Bicornis and Cerathotherium Simum):

Here’s how; BIG 5 can be witnessed in Africa!, Safari World Tours

Rhinoceros are one of the most endangered and amazing species of the Big 5. The reason is due to the illegal trade and poaching of the rhino horns. Two types of rhinos are found in the region of Africa one Black and the other white Rhino. The names of these species are not due to their body color. Both of the rhinos are grey to medium brown. The color specifies the different facial structures like a square lip and a wider mouth. The word white comes from the Dutch word ” wijd,” which means wider, black Rhino have pointed upper lips and hooked. The total length of the Rhino is 5 feet, and it the 500 pounds in weight. They have excellent hearing, and their sense of smell is very strong, but their eyesight is very weak. The Rhino horns are very useful as they are made up of keratin, but due to this reason, people hunt them a lot, and their species become rare as time passes. The illegal trade of horn become the biggest issue for African wildlife

Found at:

  • Tanzania in the Grumeti game reserve.
  • Sabi Sand in the country of South Africa.
  • Madikwe Phinda private game reserve.
  • Botswana in Moremi.
  • Kenya in the conservancy of Lewa wildlife.

How to capture their perfect photograph:

They have a massive, sheer body with a bulk of Rhinos they have the capacity of multiple types of composition options taking any photograph. The angle that is wide in their body give the whole idea about the context on the other hand the zoom will give you the whole vision of the body that are based on prehistoric idea. Rhino horns are one of the most attractive features, and their body type and presence are so strong that standing alone still they portray a powerful image and give their young and little ones the hope that their horn will grow stronger.

3-Buffalo( Syncarpous Caffer):

Here’s how; BIG 5 can be witnessed in Africa!, Safari World Tours

They are creatures that look like cows and are usually found in the form of groups to attack and save their selves from the hunters.

They have horns in both their female and male. For helpful defence, they have the curve in the upward position and a solid bony type structure that is called a boss and very helpful for their defence mechanisms. This part of the buffalo body is three times heavier than the adversary of the loin.

They are found in the region of both South and East Africa. Their nature is very fearless and highly unpredictable. Sometimes, while defending themselves, they can kill loin as well.

Found at:

  • Hwang in the country of Zimbabwe.
  • Botswana in the Chobe.
  • Addo in South Africa.
  • Kenya is in the park of Masia Mara National Reserve.

How to capture their perfect photograph:

Studying their photograph is very tricky as they have the darkness present in their hide, which is very tricky to watch and observe. There huge horns and mysterious expressions are the key points to study in their photograph. The textures of the black and white image can be captured beautifully while they are playing with the mud as they love to do that. Oxpeckers are the well-known bird. They sit on their ear for some nanoseconds, giving a beautiful attractive image.

4-Leopard ( Panthera Pardus):

Here’s how; BIG 5 can be witnessed in Africa!, Safari World Tours

Leopards include the type of big five and have the best and best-looking bodies. If we talk about their body color, then they are color body creatures with dark spots in them that are called rosettes. Another type of leopard also exists their spots are difficult to distinguish, and their body is mostly dark in color. These black leopards were called Black Panthers.

They are creatures who love to hunt antelope and zebra, and mostly, they like to eat alone. Leopards usually don’t like to live with their fellow big animals like lions because it is to be said that lions will kill leopards if they get a chance.

They are considered the fastest big cats as their speed can reach 36 mi/58 km per hour. Their population are usually included in healthy species, and mostly, they are shy. They are shy, so you can’t find them roaming everywhere, but when you visit Safari, they’ll show you leopards for sure.

Found at:

  • Zambia in the region of the South Luangwa.
  • Kenya in the Mara.
  • Sabi sands.

Botswana in the region of the Moremi.

How to capture their perfect photograph:

You need to make sure the exposure of your camera is correctly set and your camera is ready for a shot of leopards. You need to set your camera with the spot meter function to get the best possible shot when the Leopard is in the tree under the background of bright sky. It helps you to prevent the image of your leopard from being unexposed. The focal point of the image can be their mysterious and eye-catching eyes which enhance the beauty of your photograph.

5-African Elephant (Loxodonta Africana):

Here’s how; BIG 5 can be witnessed in Africa!, Safari World Tours

With a weight of approximately 7 tons, the African Elephant Savanna is including in one of the biggest animals among the Big 5.

The forest Elephant of Africa is shorter in height by about 3 feet and is found mostly in the region of the Congo Basin and considered a different species from the savanna dweller after the genetic test taken among them.

They have a fragmented range of elephants from the central to the Southern Africa region. there is the presence of the long sought-after poachers.

Savannah elephants have the specialty of increasing biodiversity as they help make the discernment of the seed easy and also convert the tree into grasslands.

Male elephant is considered the bigger one with a weight of 15000 lb and 7000 kg. And the height of 13 ft 4 members. Their larger ear controls their body body temperature. They have a large number of families that are socializing together.

Found at:

  • Namibia in the Estosha Nation Park.
  • Addo Elephant National Park.
  • Zimbabwe in the Hwange National Park.
  • Botswana in the Choba National Park.

How to capture their perfect photograph:

The angle of the camera needs to be wide to capture them in a good way, and the natural landscape can also be seen clearly. Zoom enhances the level of photography and focuses on their physical appearance beautifully, which are the key structures of their body parts. Capture beautiful pictures from different angles.

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