Essential Things To Know Before Your Namibia Safari Trip In 2022!

Essential Things To Know Before Your Namibia Safari Trip In 2022!, Safari World Tours

Namibia is located on the south-west coast of Africa and is named after world’s oldest desert “The Namib Desert”. Windhoek being the capital city lies at the centre of the country and is well connected to other parts of the world. The offbeat routes and remote destinations make Namibia Safaris the most loved by avid adventure lovers.

If you are among the one who finds peace and joy in the little wonders of nature, then Namibia has got a lot in store for you. The dessert landscapes, towering red sand dunes, massive canyons and rock formations at Damaraland, massive Atlantic coast, endogenous wildlife in one of the largest game park of Africa and what not. You just cannot get enough of this beautiful country.

Little bit of research and with careful guidance you are all set to explore a different world all together, which you will cherish forever. However, there are certain things you should be aware of before heading towards one of the desirous safari destinations.

Essential Things To Know Before Landing In Namibia

Namibia Is Expensive

As compared to other African countries, Namibia is expensive. Reason being its vastness and offbeat routes. Somehow managing to spend hundreds of dollars every day may not be possible on everybody’s part.

Best Time To Visit Namibia

Visit Namibia sometime between May to October to have a pleasant escape. July and August are colder. September and October are dry and most loved months and thus crowded. November to April, it rains and are not preferred mostly.

Essential Things To Know Before Your Namibia Safari Trip In 2022!, Safari World Tours

Each Destination In Namibia Is Quite Far Off From Each Other

Travelling in Namibia takes a toll in your bod and mind. The offbeat locations required a lot of driving down. Moreover, the driving restrictions. It is not advisable to drive fast as the gravel roads can lead to a flat tyre any moment of your trip.

Secondly, the wild animals are not clearly visible during the night time might land you in difficult situations.

So, it is better to drive between sunrise and sunset.

A 4-Wheel Rugged Vehicle Is Preferred And Make Sure You Insure It Before Starting

Your Namibia travel guide is most likely to advise you to rent a four wheeler for your drive in safaris. Public transportations are not available to reach out to the offbeat locations. Therefore, renting a vehicle makes your journey comfortable and destinations easily approachable.

Make sure you prepare your route map and road conditions beforehand and plan accordingly. Your vehicle should have at least two spare tires in order to avoid inconvenience.

Having a vehicle insurance keeps your conveyance covered and thus keep worries at bay.

Namibia Is Safe

Namibia is relatively safer more when you are travelling offbeat. However, in the town and cities you might come across incidents of pick pockets or petty thief trying to steal your mobile phone or camera from the back seat of your car.

Keep the car doors and windows locked all the time even while driving. Valuable items when placed out of sight inside the vehicle keeps them safe.

Essential Things To Know Before Your Namibia Safari Trip In 2022!, Safari World Tours

Book Well In Advance

Plan your itinerary with the help of professional Namibia Tour Guide and book well in advance. Bookings for flight and accommodations are still easier when compared to renting a vehicle. Therefore, make sure your arrangement for drive in vehicle is made well in advance to avoid last minute contingencies.

Check For The Requirement Of An International Driving License

One will need an international driver’s licence to drive through the country if the existing license is not in English.

Check For Required Vaccinations And Ensure Traveling Insurance

  1. Covid-19 vaccination certificate is required to be carried along during the trip.
  2. Yellow fever vaccination certificate if travelling from yellow fever prominent countries.
  3. Keep all the necessary medications handy during emergencies.
  4. Well covered travelling insurance promises peace of mind.

Keep Your Fuel Tank Filled

Fill your fuel tank whenever you get a chance. It is better to be well prepared for any kind of unforeseen difficulties that might halt your journey.

Keep A Well-Planned Route Handy

There are such huge opportunities to explore in Namibia that you would regret having to leave behind any one of them. Once in Namibia, you will find everything magical and unique in its own ways. Well-designed Namibia safari tours will help you in covering maximum destinations without wasting any of your valuable days during the itinerary.

Be Tip Ready

Credit cards are accepted in most of the lodges and guest houses. But do not forget to carry hard cash in South African rand or Namibian dollar.

Tipping is expected for the services rendered therefore make sure to carry smaller banknotes with you.

Safari world Tours are experience professional offering extraordinary guidance and support to the travellers traveling to Namibia on safaris. With us you can be completely relaxed as we plan everything keeping your requirements in concern. For further information, you may visit the website or can simply connect over Email!

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