Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park is a popular park located 230 km on the Tanzanian border south-east of Nairobi. Amboseli has Mount Kilimanjaro as the backdrop. The landscape is easy for game viewing.  This park covers 390 square kilometers and is located above sea level for 1100 meters. It is a peaceful, silent place, offering enough things to do and visit the places of attraction.

Places of attractions

Mt. Kilimanjaro

The highest peak in Africa offering a vast rolling landscape and a perfect backdrop. This feature increases the glory of the park. The peak with its glistening snow is the main resource for several rivulets and rivers running through the park.

Observation Hill

The Park offers a unique experience of park viewing. It offers a 360-degree view covering the swamps and the Savanna. The elephants grazing in herds can be seen from this point.

Big Five

Amboseli National Park has the Big Five roaming. The leopards, the lions, and the cheetah, besides the elephants and the buffaloes. Apart from these, there is a wide variety of waterfowls such as the Egyptian goose and the pelican.

Maasai culture

Maasai culture is fascinating. The locals cultivated with wildlife a symbiotic relationship. They hold festivals upholding their culture.

Things to do

  • Amboseli National Park is the right place for hobby photography. This is an award-winning and research-based photography place.
  • Game viewing. Come armed with binoculars to catch the wildlife activity from the Observation Hill point.
  • Birdwatching. Amboseli Park is a bird watchers paradise. There are different habitats and the water birds are seen in the swamps on the Amboseli Lake.
  • A serene place with nature trails making it ideal for hiking. This is also good for individual hikes, team-building exercises, school trips, and family bonding sessions.
  • Spend night outdoors and enjoy the adrenaline-filled camping joys at Amboseli Park. Take professional assistance and perfect camping ground.

How to access

By Air

Visitors can reach the park taking chartered or routine flights. The park features a single airstrip at Empusel Gate. There are alternative airstrips at Namanga Town and Kilimanjaro Buffalo lodge.

By Road

Taking a road drive from Nairobi -Arusha Road to Meshanani Gate or Nairobi via Email. It is 250 km.

Best time to visit

It is recommended:

  • Dry months only between January and February and from June to October.


  • The park is open throughout the year inclusive of the religious and public holidays. It opens at 0600hrs EAT and is open up to 1900hrs EAT.
  • Bear in mind past 1815 hrs visitors are not allowed to enter and no foot entry is allowed.
  • Wear appropriate clothing as per the weather patterns. Also, consider the activity you are planning to choose and fans of Game viewing do not forget your binoculars.
  • Hiking enthusiasts should get their sports clothing. Likewise, the camping preferers should carry their camping gear or ensure to hike the required camping equipment at the camping grounds. Again, do not forget your camera, or else you will miss capturing the Park’s best moments.

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