What To Know Before Going On An African Safari

what to know before going on an african safari

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What to know before going on an african safari

An African Safari is an unbelievable experience. Choosing a safari can be a tough affair for a wealth of wildlife destinations. Africa holds a world of safari possibilities, so selecting the best one for you can be delicate terrain. There are myriad wildlife safari options across Africa – so how do you choose the best one for you? Here find the most commonly asked questions with answers when choosing an African Safari.

African Safari
  1. Best African Safari Destinations To Watch Out For:
    The most popular African Safari Destinations are Namibia, Botswana and South Africa etc.
  2. Best African Landscapes Traveller Can Expect To See:
    Desert Diversity: Namibia
     Namib-Naukluft National Park, Africa’s largest reserve
     Etosha National Park, renowned for plains game
     Damaraland for fossilized trees and desert elephants
     Haunting Skeleton Coast National Park
  3. When To Go: Year Round
    New Adventure: Botswana
     Wildlife Of The Okavango Delta
     Sprawling, Semi-Arid Kalahari Desert
     Northeast’s Chobe National Park, Known For Its Massive Elephant Herds
    When To Go: Jan –Nov
    Culture & Wildlife: South Africa
     Kruger National Park In The Northeast
     The Vineyards And Restaurants Of The Cape Winelands Region
     Cape Town, Historical And Cultural Centers.
    When To Go: Year Round
  4. Save Money When Booking an African Safari:
     Go During The Off Season
     Stay In A Tent Rather Than A Lodge
     Avoid The More Popular Safari Parks
     Choose A Lesser Visited Destination
     Take A Self-Guided Safari
  5. Any Pitfalls Or Safety Concerns One Traveller Should Be Aware Of:
    It is wise to consult local travel hospital before travelling, particularly to prevent yourself from some diseases in the mid of Safari.
    If you are on a self-drive adventure, make sure your car is locked at all times, avoid deserted areas and be watchful in urban areas.
    Double check visa requirements.

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