Unguja, in the Tanzanian archipelago, is the main island. It is known as Zanzibar Island. This island presents a mix of famous spice plantations, exotic beaches, diverse culture, and history (the capital is Stone Town).

Zanzibar city has old mosques and winding lanes. Zanzibar represents to be a part of Tanzania in East Africa. The Zanzibar Archipelago is 25-50 kilometers off the coast in the Indian Ocean and has many small islands. It also comprises of two large islands, the Unguja and Pemba.

Places of attraction

Spend time in Stone Town going through the soul and heart of the island. There are old Arabic-style buildings, winding alleys and sip coffee.

Catch sun at Nungwi beach

Nungwi is to the Zanzibar’s North West tip. This beach is great to soak up some sun. it is one of the top beaches to dip your toes.

Prison Island

It is a boat trip for 30 minutes offering a glimpse into the dark past where slaves were detained. Today it has giant tortoise’s nature reserve.

Eat at Forodhani market

A food market opening in the late afternoon. The market is spectacular in Stone Town. The local produce and seafood options are popular. Fish with fried potato balls, samosas, and naan bread. An energetic night-time food market.

Palace Museum

The historic building a must-see attraction. Located overlooking the ocean, the 19th century built was the Sultan’s home. Today a museum showcasing Sultan’s family relics.

The old Fort

This fort is located in front of the Forodhani Gardens. It has an old Amphitheatre hosting functions and events even today.

Things to do

There are lots in Unguja than watching the Amazing Beaches. There is a wealth of things to do:

A few things to do include:

How to Access

The foremost thing is that Zanzibar is cheap.  This island is affordable right from snacks to a hostel.

Flights are available. Look for flights to Africa, reaching Tanzania does not break your bank. Flight reaches Dar es Salaam, take a flight or ferry to Zanzibar.

Taxis are the right option for getting around the island.

Zanzibar runs shuttles to the tourist attractions. It is the cheapest way of getting around.

Best time to visit

Located on the south of the equator, Unguja enjoys a tropical climate that there are never any extreme variabilities in the temperatures.

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