Top Reason To Visit Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a country like many, has seen much turmoil and her people through many a turbulent history. Yet Zimbabwe is a county filled with beautiful people and places, seldom discovered and enjoyed by travellers and whilst other parts of the world may see large volumes of tourists, Zimbabwe is ripe for an epic adventure, a phenomenal country to visit and plan a safari to. Let us share with you TEN REASONS why you should visit #Zimbabwe – perhaps you will think of even more – but one thing is for sure, the beautiful people of Zimbabwe are waiting with open arms to share their beautiful country.


Nobody enjoyed have hordes of tourists around, so at Safari World Tours we try to ensure our customers enjoy wildlife responsibly, this means enjoying safaris to areas that have lower tourist numbers – this can be achieved simply for the type of destinations they are and their remoteness, or it can be due to strict responsible tourism practices in place by local governing bodies. Other ways that we advise to help with travelling responsibly include; travelling in green season and low seasons (avoiding the high season of July-October) is a great way to avoid the crowds and book your trip at discounted rates. Zimbabwe is generally less visited compared to some areas of Africa such as Kruger National Park, Maasai Mara National Reserve and Serengeti National Park, making Zimbabwe a traveller’s dream.The diversity of natural attractions is a huge plus with Zimbabwe, with parks such as Hwange National Park, Mana Pools National Park, Gonarezhou National Park, Matobo National Park, Matusadona National Park, Zambezi National Park and more, offering up an exciting array of landscapes and wildlife.


Yes, Zimbabwe is home to the big 5 (lion, elephant, rhino, leopard and buffalo). So if you’re aim is to see all 5, then Zimbabwe is a fantastic choice for your next tick on your bucket-list.Viewing wildlife can be done in a variety of ways, offering visitors an even more absorbing experience in Zimbabwe;

• Vehicle based game drives

• Walking safaris

• Water based wildlife viewing

Imagine walking through the bush with an expert guide leading the way, it’s often a moment to cherish, as you plant your feet on African soil, breath in the smells, hear the sounds echoing around you and if lucky, come across animals at their level to give you a completely unique perspective – especially those large elephants!


Supporting local people and communities is important to us, we hope it is for you too? Tourism is an important contributor to local economies as it provides jobs, infrastructure, funds conservation projects and ensures that both people and wildlife can survive. Included in this are local safari guides, trained in guiding travellers to the best possible experiences. For , a good guide can make or break your trip, which is why we ensure our safaris are of the highest standard, no matter your budget.


Listen. A safari isn’t cheap. It’s not meant to be, after-all you’re travelling thousands of miles, across continents, to destinations so remote that you feel as if you’re on another planet. It’s also important to remember that the cheaper we demand products we buy, the lesser (in general) the quality. Safari costs are an important part of producing well paid jobs and infrastructure, but costs also go towards maintaining vital habitat protection and conservation initiatives. The overall experience on our safaris isn’t limited to what animals you see. Your experience of the safari camps themselves are an equal part of your enjoyment, from the spacious rooms, to the delicious food and drink, to the spa treatments, to the guiding quality and trained safari camp staff – they are all qualities fundamental to a happy and enjoyable time that you’ll never forget.We liken our safaris and the accommodations we offer to a 5* hotel but better – it’s a laid back affair, where you’re not rushed, take your time and enjoy. After-all you’re in nature, not a large city. You’ll be made to feel at home by friendly, smiling guides and camp staff, on a first name basis and when you leave, you may well be friends for life – you’ll certainly take Africa home with you.


From locally employed guides and camp staff, to locally embroidered garments, dialects, traditions, monuments and way of life. Zimbabwe is the perfect country to brighten your day.View incredible Rock Art dating back to the stone age. The rich history of this country and the region is evident in the rock art and ancient San inscriptions found at Inanke Cave in Matobo National Park. Travellers can also check out more historical landmarks in Zimbabwe, such as the Zimbabwe Ruins in Masvingo and Khami Ruins in Bulawayo, as well as Danangombe in Gweru and the smaller Naletale Ruins in Shangani.Languages spoken in Zimbabwe are English, Shona and Ndebele (in many urban areas). The rest of the Zimbabwe population speaks Bantu languages like Shona, mostly spoken by the Mashona people and Ndebele mostly spoken by the Matabele people. However, there is a significant population of people are bi-lingual.

Zimbabweans are some of the most welcoming in the world!


Imagine this… you’re on a late afternoon/evening game drive and you stop right as the sun is setting, your guide serves you drinks, perhaps a light snack, as you take a breather to absorb the setting sun and everything around you. All part of your safari experience with Safari World Tours… Bliss!


Whether you’re a constellation aficionado, a photographer, or just a lover of the night sky, getting away from those bright city lights is all important for a clear night sky. Seeing those unpolluted skies are ideal in many parts of Africa and Zimbabwe for appreciating blinding stars, colourful galaxy’s and smooth milky ways.

Nothing can prepare you for Africa’s night skies.


Mosi ou Tunya (aka Victoria Falls “The Smoke That Thunders”) is one of the world’s largest waterfalls and the largest on the African continent. For adventure junkies, there’s the city of Victoria Falls itself, where’ll you’ll find an endless supply of water & land based activities such as canoeing, white water rafting, sunset river dinner cruises, abseiling, bungee jumping and much more.

Spend at least 2-3 nights in Victoria Falls and spend some time visiting other local attractions well worth a visit; including art galleries, the Jafuta Heritage Centre for a taste of cultural and visual Zimbabwean artefacts, a short transfer away is the excellent Livingstone Museum and the Railway Museum, or take a locally organised tour to local communities & villages to understand how local people live their daily life – appreciating customs and culture is key to a peaceful planet.There’s also excellent art workshops available in the Falls area. Zimbabwe is alive with talent.


Our motto is ‘safari for change’. There’s nothing more important to us than ensuring that your safari experience is better than any other safari company, and this includes how we as a company assist with conservation efforts and you as a traveller can give back to those efforts for people, habitat and wildlife. Safari For Change is a way forward for responsible, sustainable tourism, whereby simply by visiting Africa and heading on safari, you are supporting local jobs, habitat protection and conservation initiatives – both in-situ and as part of our Safari World Tours Foundation‘s own efforts in South Africa and sustainable tourism across Africa. Another great way to learn more and to give back to conservation efforts, is by including a visit to some of the amazing teams working on the ground, as part of your safari itinerary with us. Here’s a small snippet of organisations working hard for people and wildlife in Zimbabwe; Painted Dog Conservation doing great work for wild dogs (aka African Painted Dogs) – fewer than 7,000 painted dogs are left across the entire continent (you can also see them in the wild in Zimbabwe).Conservation and Wildlife Fund is a non-profit trust which was formed after conservationists and stakeholders in the region of Hwange NP decided to combine forces to address important conservation issues affecting the area: the people, the wildlife and their habitats. Bhejane Trust is dedicated to assisting Zimbabwe National Parks in many aspects of the management and operations of the Parks estate in north western Matabeleland, including facilitating anti-poaching and deployments, research work, staff welfare, and a host of other missions, as well as the original Rhino monitoring program.

Matusadona Lion Project is a conservation research team dedicated to the preservation of Matusadona NP, its unique lion population and other large carnivores within the greater Sebungwe region of Zimbabwe. BirdLife Zimbabwe aims to conserve birds and their habitats, to increase awareness of birds through education and training and to use and develop a proven and professional base for the research and study of birds and their habitats.


Connecting you to Zimbabwe has never been as easy, whether you fly via European cities, or the multiple connections available in South Africa and Kenya. Our team are here to help you ever step of the way. Excellent airports and local road transportations are available within Zimbabwe which connect travellers across the country to their destinations of choice and there are also excellent road transfers and flights to neighbouring countries such as Botswana, South Africa and Zambia, making it ideal for extending to a larger/longer itinerary in Africa. Safari costs, as mentioned previously, can be high, but travelling to Zimbabwe offers amazingly high standards which are healthy on your wallet. Luxury safari camps are dotted across Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwean people help every step with their expertise and warm welcome. Travel in green/low seasons for an even better deal, including low rates and no single supplements.

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