Nyanga National Park

Nyanga National Park

Nyanga National Park is located in the southern region of the African continent, Zimbabwe has over the years developed as a major tourist destination of the world. The country boasts of diversified attractions that range from national parks, waterfalls, historical sites, heritage monuments, to rivers.

This place is at the north side of Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. This is the first national park of the country that comes with the highest lands, green hills and the beautiful perennial rivers. Most of the terrain of the park consists of lightly wooded rolling downland that lying at 1800 to 2593 meters altitudes. The highest mountain point of Zimbabwe, Mount Nyangani is located at the center of this park. There is also the Mutarazi falls, which is the highest waterfall in the country. In is southern boundary, it comes with the old Mutarazi falls. This place is perfect for relaxation because of the cool weather and fresh air of the mountain. Stunning views of the mountain, many waterfalls, interesting flora and fauna can give you the ultimate holiday experience. The terrains of the mountain house several mountains like wildebeest, mysterious waterbuck, zebra, sable, impala; kudu etc. there are many fresh sparkling water rivers that are known as the envelope of several fishes like the Nyanga trout.

Places to visit in Nyanga National Park

Mitarazi Falls

This fall has a majestic beauty, which unparallel where the gorgeous beauty of nature and wildlife meet. This place is all about freshness especially if you visit the place during the time of sunset.

Nyangambe falls

World View is another spectacular place here. This is a well-maintained place and easy to go by car.  You can enjoy the splendid beauty from the top of the valley.

Gairazi River

This park is all about the beautiful rivers, waterfalls and mountains. If you are tired of moving around this riverbank is the ideal place to have some rest. You can absorb yourself with the beauty of nature and give your kids a good place to play around. This is an ideal place for a picnic. One can enjoy tubing, swimming, jumping off the rocks etc.

Things to do in Nyanga National Park

Mount Nyangani is the ideal place here to enjoy hiking. You can go for a great camping experience here. In this place, you will find the true picture of African wildlife here.

African safari and watching wildlife is the best things to do in the park.

This place is known also to give you an excellent bird watching experience.

Time to visit Nyanga National Park

The best time to visit the place is November to March if you want to enjoy the natural beauty at its best. April and May months are the beginning of summer and also a good time to visit the place. This time, you will find the lush green vegetation, crisp and clear air, the beauty of misty waterfalls etc.

How to reach

You can go there from Harare or also from Victoria falls. The roads are well maintained and the place is easy to access. You can go there by car or by bus. There are many tour guides who arrange a proper tour plan for the travelers.

3144Nyanga National Park 3144Nyanga National Park
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